Friday, May 14, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 1: Window to Heaven

I'm starting a new project for myself this Summer.

I call it "My 3rd Eye"

Basically it consists of me taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go.
At the beginning of each day I'll post my favorite photo from the day before.

I've found that I'm always so frustrated when I'm walking on campus or driving somewhere and I see something amazing and don't have my camera with me.

So, this Summer I shall fix that.

I started yesterday, by accident, when I was driving to my sister's with Madre to do some birthday shopping for her at the mall. Low and behold, I looked over and saw a "window to heaven" and quickly snapped it with my point and shoot.

This should be fun!


Because Life is Beautiful, of course.

P.S. I've really be slacking on the Pinky Promise Project lately. Those who would like that to start up again check "I Heart This" below. Thanks! :)


Leon said...

I like this idea. Oh my. I really like this idea. Mind if I copy you? I don't care if you mind, mind. I'ma do it anyway. :p

tscotriverside said...

since you're already two weeks into it, I've already had the pleasure of seeing some of your wonderful pictures and I'm am fully supportive of your decision to document the summer one photo at a reasons are selfish because I think I enjoy seeing them more than you enjoy taking them...some might even say 'the pleasure is all mine'

peuthy - i think that would be the perfect adjective for the look you surely must have given me after my taking all of the pleasure.