Thursday, May 24, 2012

Up Next: Mississippi

Here's a preview from our family reunion
down south with James' family.

I have never felt so close to Steve Irwin
as I did at this very moment of my life!

Bet you can't wait to see the rest of the trip, huh?

Stay tuned :)

Our Honeymoon

Now, I know that it's been...what? 5 months since our honeymoon.
But hey, better late than never I always say.

So, without further adu,
Our Honeymoon:
A Cruise!

Here we are in Los Angeles on a bus from the airport
to the cruise embarking dock...thingy.

(Remind me not to take photos of myself at this angle ever again)

"Oooh! There it is! There's our ship!"

James: Happily holding our boarding passes.
Me: Hoping they don't blow into the ocean.

Pretty tropical flower we saw while waiting.

And VOILE! Here is of our ship.

Goodbye, Los Angeles. Hello, Mexico!

Classic elevator photo :)
Happy are we!

Mmmm, free breakfast room service!
Don't mind if we do!

The line to go to shore extended down several flights of stairs,
but we made some friends while we waited.

First stop: Catalina Island
Yes, that is where "The Even Stevens Movie" was filmed.
Needless to say, I was excited!

On our way to shore a dolphin swam right under the boat.
THAT was cool!

YAY for the beach!
Unfortunately the weather was a little too cold for swimming...

...but the scenery was still pretty!
Doesn't this look like Hawaii?

Yes, of course I took a picture of a squirrel.

My goofy husband sampling the tropical plants.

Do you see all the pictures we took?
Yeah, that's because we went on our own adventure
and walked ALL OVER the island.

Lot's of walking.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot to do on Catalina Island,
but hey, it was a beautiful day...

...and we found some cool typography.

Yes, very picturesque.
Here's a cute little man painting the picturesqueness :)

Don't ask me why, but yes,
we DID walk up those stairs, too.

THAT'S why!
Pretty view, no?

YAY for being back on the ship.
We soon found out that relaxing on board
was our favorite thing to do....

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of pictures missing right here.
I didn't bring my big fancy camera to Ensenada day,
but we did have our little disposable camera...

...we just haven't developed it yet...

...cause we lost it.


Anyway, here is us leaving Ensenada.
Adios, Ensenada.

Another favorite part was the fancy dining for dinner...

This was what I ordered on our last night.
It was the least "fancy" meal that I got the whole time,
But it sure tasted good!

The "As Big As Your Face" Burger!

This is what I got for dessert EVERY night.
Eventually our cute waiter just started bringing it
to me without asking :) Haha!

Molten Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream
Hot Chocolate
Happy Lindsay

This is one of our waiters - Abhijit.
We took a picture with him because he's AWESOME!

And here's my favorite waiter - I Nyoman.
Even on the nights that he wasn't waiting on us
he would smile and say "hi" and bring me hot chocolate :)

Wahoo! Hittin' the hot tub.
We got hot tubbing down to a science.
We found that the best time to go was around 7:30-8p
when everyone was at dinner or a show.

And, of course, we topped the experience off
with virgin Pina Coladas and our fancy white robes.

Hot tubbing done right, I'm tellin' ya.

I could go for a little hot tubbin' right now.

Time for another cruise! ;)

If I were to go on a cruise again,
these are the things I would do differently:

-Go somewhere super warm
-Get a ship with a bigger pool
-Bring cuter clothing
-See really cool sites on land

...I think that's it.
Everything else was pretty much...

Picture Perfect.