Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spewing Sentiments

Things go wrong and things go right.

I think that's life's way of guiding us.

The ol' "can't go over it, can't go under it, gotta go through it."

How else are we going to learn?

Well, life, regardless of the shape and size
of the obstacles in our way, is still beautiful.

We've all been given different things:
different eyes to see the world around us,
different minds to interpret the world around us,
different hearts to feel the world around us,
different souls to enhance the world around us.

What gifts!

My eyes are an adventurous pair.
They magically morph most every moment into an exciting quest.
They grew up that way or, that is to say,
they've never really grown up at all.
They are the "lost boys" that tether me to childhood forever.

My mind is a vast cavern.
Dreams flutter through chambers and secret passageways.
Paintings and lovely trinkets adorn every polished surface.
Sunlight pours through lofty windows, splashing everything with life.
It is the colorful collection that calms and thrills me all at once.

My heart is a delicate album
of music and of photos, all in one.
It's Ella Fitzgerald on a scratchy gramophone and a time machine.
It's Anna Netrebko at the Paris Opera house and Grandma's afghan.
It's The Carpenters, Barry Manilow and a 9-passenger suburban with no empty seats.
It's a Latin beat and my husband's light feet.
It's "Rock-e-bye" - Mom's voice lullabying from my lips.
It is imprinted with fragile footprints,
and fueled by tears, kisses and laughter.

My soul is a familiar stranger.
She is very much like me and has yet to be like God.
She is eager and impatient and worn and willing.
She is peace from head to toe and joy from ear to ear.
She is the reflection none else can see.

Who are you?