Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please Stand By

Today, I spent 8 hours stuffing and writing addresses on envelopes for my brother
And that pushed all my other weekly tasks back a little bit
So I'm going to need to take a momentary breather from the blog
Cause I have A LOT to get done before this week can successfully come to an end.

Thank you for your patience!
The best way to spend life is living :)
image via Frank Chimero
(brilliant graphic designer)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Biggest Loser ;)

Top 10 Reasons I Have a Small Crush on Daris
(aka America's next Biggest Loser)

1. He loves his family.

2. He's a role model & a people person.

3. He can cook!

4. He FINALLY cut the nasty fro & gnarly beard!

5. He ran his first marathon in 4 hours!

6. His mom is stinkin' adorable.

7. He's a hard worker.

8. He's sensitive.

9. He's ambitious & goal oriented.

10. He's perdy cute, too.
(minus the pompadour)

Biggest Loser Finale - Tonight @ 7pm MST on NBC!

Koli? Michael? Ashley? Daris?

Who will the next Biggest Loser be?


Monday, May 24, 2010

Blazing Hope

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past.
Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes,
but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”
~Corazon Aquino~

Photos by Mr. Jose Villa
(my photographer crush)

My 3rd Eye - Day 12: New Neighbors

I'm slowly but surely turning into a bird watcher...

...psssst, hey that a nerdy hobby?

Psh, whatever! Like I care!
Look how AMAZINGLY COLORFUL my new friends are!

If this is nerdy, then strap some suspenders on me and tie my shoelaces together when I'm not looking, cause I am on cloud 9 here in my little aviary of a backyard! Cloud 9, I say!

P.S. These are technically TWO pictures, which you can label as either cheating or indecision...
But honestly, if given the choice between a Lazuli Bunting or a Western Tanager which would you pick? HA! THAT'S what I thought...

You know it's going to be a long day when...

...there's a picture of a snowman in your Gmail, Bus Stop themed, weather forecast...

...and it's almost June.

H-OH boy.

My 3rd Eye - Day 11: Sunday Blossoms

Ah Sundays...

...another opportunity for our spirits to bloom.

My 3rd Eye - Day 10: May Showers

*This post is a day late, whoops! It's bound to happen more than just this once, so here's a forewarning.

We had a family bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law Sara on Saturday.
They're getting married on June 19th! It's coming up so fast and I am thrilled for both of them!

The weirdest part, for me, is that I am now the ONLY one of my 9 siblings who is single, which means (for those of you who don't know) all the dating advice and random set-ups are pointing precariously at me...which I'm not altogether too thrilled about.

However, Heavenly Father works in mysterious, I'll be as patient as I can be...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 9: 27 Years Young

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my brother John.

Madre picked out the cake and, needless to say, he loved it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Kill Ladybugs

I was driving today with Madre when we passed my friend's mom

And because I love that woman, I said excitedly,

"Hey, that was so-and-so's mom!"

Madre responded, perhaps without thinking,

"And to think she could've been your mother-in-law."


That statement made me huffy in a heartbeat

(Instant Huffy: Just add guilt!)

Because I was being overly sensitive and dumb.

I do that sometimes.

I had dated that "friend" of mine whose mom we saw, you see

. . .

Do you ever doubt your ability to make decisions?

Especially decisions as MASSIVE & DAUNTING as

"Who shall I marry?"

No, of course not!

Finding someone to get along with for eternity is a SNAP!

I pledged to myself long ago that I would never to be one of those girls that turns 24 (aka not old!) and suddenly decides to devote every waking moment to whining about still being single.

Of course it's hard to wait patiently for your #1 desire to come galloping along on a white steed.

So stop waiting!


Stop dreaming and start living, planning, preparing.

I learned that life is too short and far too precious to spend worrying about things beyond your control. You simply do your best and move forward.

. . .

I seem to spend a lot of blog posts pulling myself slowly away from the desire to cry or complain or punch a pillow (which I may still do anyway, in the name of catharsis).

It's like I take each annoying item out of my head with every intention of pinning it down and railing on it! However, when it comes out it's always attached to a beautiful blessing.

I can never muster up the guts to kill something even as abhorrent as a spider (per se) when he's surrounded by ladybugs.

*Note: I referred to the spider as a "he" on accident ...but it works in this scenario ;)

I'm not even making sense to myself anymore.

I've typed far too long
And now my trail of bread crumbs are being eaten by birds
And I can't even remember how I got on this subject.

Enjoy your weekend,
And don't squish ladybugs...

or their friends...

even if they're spiders...

. . .

...if you can help it.

Jordan & Johnson Family Sneak Peek

I've been busy! Here are some of the latest portrait shoots I've done:

More good lookin' photos to come!

My 3rd Eye - Day 8: The Sunset Fire

Yesterday, as Madre, Dad & I walked to the Rec Center to get memberships (whoop whoop!) the sun sank low in the sky and seemed to catch the trees on fire with it's orange glow. The fading storm clouds billowed up into the azure sky like grey smoke and, because it wasn't a real fire, I sighed and drank it it...then took a picture to share with you.

I love sunsets!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tribute to My Neighbor

I don't know what made me think to look up Mr. Roger's Neighborhood on YouTube just now, but when I did I felt like a child again. Suddenly, it was just like those mornings when all of my siblings would leave for school and I'd sit down to the table with my peanut butter & honey sandwich cut into triangles and joyfully glean from the abundant goodness of the man beaming at me from the tv screen.

Truly, he is one of the most genuinely good men the world has ever known.
And so, here is my blog tribute to our neighbor, Mr. Rogers:

Someday I hope to shake his hand in heaven
...or give him a hug rather.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers for reminding us all how truly special we are.

My 3rd Eye - Day 7: My Temple

I had another successful day of photographing many different things...
However, nothing compares to the beauty found here at The Bountiful Temple.

Perhaps it isn't fair to call it "my temple," because a lot of people feel the same way,
But it's the one that I've been attending my whole life and the one I will get married in one day. that way, it is "my temple."

And I love it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 6: The Who Tree

Today, as I was walking to the bus stop I nearly passed this cute little guy before I quickly turned around and got a picture of 'im. I call it: The Who in the Whos of Dr. Seuss.

I guess it just reminds me of the Grinch's little dog with the reindeer antler strapped to his head.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, trees have so much personality!
And why not? They're living things, too! :)

Train of Thought Leaving the Station

Lifelong to-do list constantly looming overhead.

The infamous Summer Wave of Laziness strikes like lightning

Though much more predictable and dangerous.

Frantically opening the cupboards of my soul

Searching for even a small crust of motivation.

Nothing but emptiness and a heaping portion of self pity...

In a smelly casserole dish, no less.

Writing out a grocery list that stretches to heaven

And holding my end impatiently

Like a child holding mommy's hand in a crowd.

Taunting shoulder devil inquires, "Want to break free?"

"No," I reply firmly,

"This is freedom to me."

First item: Become the Best Version of Yourself.

My insides sink, as if to hide from such a task.

Ah, but a note written neatly below - Line Upon Line.

A tune begins to play like a familiar lullaby through my memory

Accompanied by the tender plink, plink of my heart strings

And a longing... no... an ache for direction.

I close my eyes and hum along to the song,

The tune that smells like spring blossoms

Feels like sunshine with a light mountain breeze

And looks like smile wrinkles and brightness.

Suddenly I'm looking into the mirror of my forgotten past,

Forgotten, yet as close as the next room.

I see me - she is happiness in its highest form,

Her smile tells of hard work and endurance that has paid off.

Hard work. Endurance.

I repeat the words in my head as if engraving them into my brain.

Her happiness is encouraging.

I drink in one deep breath after another

And open my eyes slowly,

Like preparing to depart after a yoga session.

I'm stronger. Inside.

And I continue grocery shopping,

With a new kind of smile on my face

And eyes to the skies.

"Line Upon Line."

John & Sara Engagements

Voile! I finally got the rest of these engagements edited from my brother & future sis-in-law's session. Here are a handful of my favorites. I think they're perdy cute :)