Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tribute to My Neighbor

I don't know what made me think to look up Mr. Roger's Neighborhood on YouTube just now, but when I did I felt like a child again. Suddenly, it was just like those mornings when all of my siblings would leave for school and I'd sit down to the table with my peanut butter & honey sandwich cut into triangles and joyfully glean from the abundant goodness of the man beaming at me from the tv screen.

Truly, he is one of the most genuinely good men the world has ever known.
And so, here is my blog tribute to our neighbor, Mr. Rogers:

Someday I hope to shake his hand in heaven
...or give him a hug rather.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers for reminding us all how truly special we are.

1 comment:

tscotriverside said...

i had forgotten about Mr. Rogers...that's a touching tribute to him. he'll be lucky to get a hug from you.