Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Thought About College

“I’m glad I did it, partly because it was worth it,
But mostly because I shall never have to do it again.”

~Mark Twain~

The man gets me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Breakin', Spring Broken

Spring Break officially has an hour left... which I'll partially spend writing this post and then sleeping. So, it's basically over.

Sad day.

The saddest part is that I spent the whole of Spring Break being sick... again... which really isn't much of a surprise, cause my immune system likes to crash during breaks as much as the next guy.

So, as much as I really would've liked to have goal-accomplishing energy for a school-free week, I can't say I blame my poor immune system. I'd be tired, too, if I had to rid my body of school germs, marathon training, etc. But, ya know? I think next time there's a break on the horizon, I'm not going to tell my immune system about it... just to be safe.

I don't mind so much that I spent the week sleeping and watching TV, but I would've at least liked to have cleaned my room, finished my other three batches of laundry, ran more than just 1 day and worked a little (lottle) harder on my design portfolio. Aw, phooey.

So, pretty much Marathon Training is going to eat me alive tomorrow morning. Especially cause we run no matter what the weather decides to do.

The Weather Man says Snow.

I think Spring's broken.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Much Closer

*PPP = Pinky Promise Project for more PPP posts go HERE

I just ran 8 miles without stopping.
FYI, I've NEVER run that long in my life.
(the karate chop sound, in case you didn't catch that)

Remember this?

That seems SOO long ago.
Ahhh. I'm just feeling so good right now.

AND, I cut out 46 strips of paper and made a paper chain to hang in my room, right next to The Pants. That's 46 days till graduation AND 46 days till my "After"/graduation photoshoot with Jalene! :D

I've been dreaming about getting into shape and running a marathon and all these really hard, but completely possible things for such a long time now, but I wasn't getting ANYWHERE because it was simply a dream.

As Diana Scharf Hunt once said,

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."

So...when's your deadline?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If Picasso Was Me...

"Guernica" might look more like this:

This is what has been keeping me away from the blog lately.
Illustration, illustration, illustration...oh, and more illustration.

Gotta love Cubism.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pinterest, Poor, Parents & Potter

*Note: Get your clicking finger ready - I went a little "link happy" all over this post :)

Thanks to Kristin,
I'm kind of obsessed with:

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Wouldn't it be sweet to have money to buy things like this?
Being poor is so boring ;)

I have a serious case of "Home Decor" on the brain,
due to the fact that I'll have my own apartment in T-minus 5 months!

This is craziness. I'm growing up!

P.S. For those of you who asked and have been waiting patiently to no avail, my parents got called to be LDS Mission Presidents in...

(drum roll please)

Lansing, Michigan!

We're so excited! :) They're going to be amazing, I have no doubt. I'm so blessed to be the last kidlet at home, cause I get to see their preparation and excitement for this new adventure every single day. They're cute and amazing and I love them. And yes...I am spoiled. No complaints here :)

The best part about this photo is that they didn't plan this:

In other news, I'm wearing my sequin-adorned Gryffindor t-shirt to school today. The one from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Annnnd...I'm wishing I was there right now. Drinking Butterbeer and flirting with Hogwarts students.

But no, I'm here at school. Very much not flirting with college students.
Poor guys, they're just not as magical ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good & Not So Good

Woke up at 6am.

Not So Good: I should've gone to bed earlier last night.
Good: Madre put protein (aka energy) powder in my green smoothie.

Went to my first day of Marathon Training.

Not So Good: Running uphill is not my forte. Definitely the hardest workout of my entire life, which is saying something.
Good: Downhill IS my forte, I completed the hardest workout of my entire life, I didn't finish last AND I'm one giant step closer to my fitness goals.

Went to my Pilates class.

Not So Good: I was all sweaty.
Good: I love Pilates. THE best toning kind of exercise there is in my opinion.

Showered, Got Ready.

Not So Good: I forgot to bring an undershirt for my v-neck tshirt, so I have my hoodie zipped up to my neck.
Good: I'm having a good hair day, which I like to think detracts from the fact that wearing a hoodie this way is not flattering at all.

Went to Dad's office.

Not So Good: There were cupcakes there.
Good: I didn't give in and when I told Dad about my run, he gave me a high five. He's my biggest fitness cheerleader! :)

Now I'm gonna have a nap.

Not So Good: No bed here.
Good: The rocking chair in the corner of Dad's office is the next best thing to a bed.

Chin up, friends
It's all good! ;)