Friday, May 21, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 8: The Sunset Fire

Yesterday, as Madre, Dad & I walked to the Rec Center to get memberships (whoop whoop!) the sun sank low in the sky and seemed to catch the trees on fire with it's orange glow. The fading storm clouds billowed up into the azure sky like grey smoke and, because it wasn't a real fire, I sighed and drank it it...then took a picture to share with you.

I love sunsets!


tscotriverside said...

sunsets are awesome, i think i may still be favoring sunrises but the fact that you have to get up early for them make them less desirable. I like the way everything in this picture draws your attention to the sun itself. it is neatly framed between the trees and the clouds look like they're pointing at it.

lovinlife said...

That's gorgeous, Linds!!!