Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Kill Ladybugs

I was driving today with Madre when we passed my friend's mom

And because I love that woman, I said excitedly,

"Hey, that was so-and-so's mom!"

Madre responded, perhaps without thinking,

"And to think she could've been your mother-in-law."


That statement made me huffy in a heartbeat

(Instant Huffy: Just add guilt!)

Because I was being overly sensitive and dumb.

I do that sometimes.

I had dated that "friend" of mine whose mom we saw, you see

. . .

Do you ever doubt your ability to make decisions?

Especially decisions as MASSIVE & DAUNTING as

"Who shall I marry?"

No, of course not!

Finding someone to get along with for eternity is a SNAP!

I pledged to myself long ago that I would never to be one of those girls that turns 24 (aka not old!) and suddenly decides to devote every waking moment to whining about still being single.

Of course it's hard to wait patiently for your #1 desire to come galloping along on a white steed.

So stop waiting!


Stop dreaming and start living, planning, preparing.

I learned that life is too short and far too precious to spend worrying about things beyond your control. You simply do your best and move forward.

. . .

I seem to spend a lot of blog posts pulling myself slowly away from the desire to cry or complain or punch a pillow (which I may still do anyway, in the name of catharsis).

It's like I take each annoying item out of my head with every intention of pinning it down and railing on it! However, when it comes out it's always attached to a beautiful blessing.

I can never muster up the guts to kill something even as abhorrent as a spider (per se) when he's surrounded by ladybugs.

*Note: I referred to the spider as a "he" on accident ...but it works in this scenario ;)

I'm not even making sense to myself anymore.

I've typed far too long
And now my trail of bread crumbs are being eaten by birds
And I can't even remember how I got on this subject.

Enjoy your weekend,
And don't squish ladybugs...

or their friends...

even if they're spiders...

. . .

...if you can help it.


Chess said...

What if I can't help it? What if I know the spider will eat me alive? What then?! Haha.

tscotriverside said...

so...remember that one time we went an took pictures of lady bugs at memory grove?...and that one time we were all going to get together again and take more pictures? what happened to that??

trickr - my new social network site where people post their latest pranks/tricks. i actually might be on to something.