Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Biggest Loser ;)

Top 10 Reasons I Have a Small Crush on Daris
(aka America's next Biggest Loser)

1. He loves his family.

2. He's a role model & a people person.

3. He can cook!

4. He FINALLY cut the nasty fro & gnarly beard!

5. He ran his first marathon in 4 hours!

6. His mom is stinkin' adorable.

7. He's a hard worker.

8. He's sensitive.

9. He's ambitious & goal oriented.

10. He's perdy cute, too.
(minus the pompadour)

Biggest Loser Finale - Tonight @ 7pm MST on NBC!

Koli? Michael? Ashley? Daris?

Who will the next Biggest Loser be?



Chess said...

I love this show. But I don't have TV at home, so I will have to wait to watch the finale. Oh well.

tscotriverside said...

i think you should start a daris fan club...maybe the two of you can get together and he can cook dinner for you or something...maybe the two of you could run a marathon.