Thursday, June 30, 2011

14 DAYS!

best Trailer EVER!

Hee hee hee.
I'm giddy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

An Old Bus, A Mouse, A Few Friends & Their Cameras

Remember that one time when I said I would post these for you to see?

Yeah, I didn't forget.

Here are the rest of the photos from that shoot I did with my friends Josh and Travis out by the Salt Flats in the West Desert.

It was majorly fun. Mostly I just love having excuses to dress up :) I guess I never really need an excuse, but having one helps, right?

Ok, this bus rocks your socks, does it not? The only bad part was it had this nasty old mattress inside of it and...well...there was a nasty little mouse livin' under there we soon discovered. EW! Yep, apparently I don't like mice. I didn't know that until it came darting out from under the mattress, right for me, fangs bared...and I went, "BWAAYAAAHHHHHCK!" and probably did a really sweet spontaneous dance move. Yep, still makes me shudder to this day. I even sat on the floor of that bus, which is where I pictured the little critter scurrying up my pant leg. Byahaha, GROSS! Interesting adventure, to say the least.

They's pretty pics, huh? The ones of me were taken by Travis. The rest are mine.

Thank you, Josh & Travis!
 Aside from the mouse it was very much a fun time and the photos turned out awesome. You should post yours on your blogs so I can link to 'em from here. K?

Let's do this again soon!

Dislike & Love - My New Life

*Note: My "new" life is in reference to the fact that A LOT of changes have taken place the past couple months and especially this week. i.e. Graduating from college, starting a new job, my parents leaving for the Missionary Training Center, moving into my apartment, having a boyfriend (I still need to introduce you), quitting my "student job" of 5 years, being in a brand new ward, new blog design ;) etc.


Not eating breakfast
(and sometimes lunch),

Not having a bathtub in my apartment
(Week 1 isn't even over and I'm already having withdrawals),

Not sleeping quite enough
(Yikes! I'm just asking for illness. Knock on wood),

Gas prices,

Living in a (soon-to-be-organized) mess,

Working from 7a-9p,

Driving and driving and driving,

The convenience of eating out vs. the inconvenience of working out,

- - -


My loving and supportive family & friends,

My “New” Life,

These long and gloriously hot summer days,

Shopping for my own groceries
(I knew I would enjoy that),

Easy hairstyles
(Thanks to my magic wand...curling iron),

Counting down to the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Midnight Showing,
(21 DAYS!)

Converting people to Harry Potter,

The iPod I lovingly refer to as "myPod,"

The peace I get from FHE and Temple night
(P.S. I love my ward),

Reading Il Libro di Mormon,

My brother's GPS system,

Having the coolest parents in the universe,

Midnight calls after long work days,

Chalkboard mouse pads,

Having a cubicle,

Reading children's books out loud with a cute boy,

The awesome/hilarious people I get to intern/work with

- - -

I think it's fair to say, as I weigh the outcome of these lists, that, though life isn't perfect and I'm still working out the kinks in my new life, the blessings continue to come as I am trying to do my best and I still happen to very much love this beautiful Life that I've been blessed all it's crazy freshly newness!

Add "run-on" sentences to my Love list.
I'm real good at those!

May your "Loves" always outweigh your "Dislikes"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here Goes...

I Smile

My friend Liz shared this song with me a couple of months ago and, I must confess, I simply love it. It has quickly made its way onto my "Top 25 Most Played Songs" list on myPod.

I got the feeling that some of you might enjoy it, too!

Don't give up, friends.
You look so much better when you smile!

Redesign In Progress

Thoughts? :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speaking of Lagoon

True Happiness...

...knows no pride. a drop in a pool and each resulting ripple. your heart's way of smiling.

...comes when charity calls. water through the fingers of those who seek to keep it for themselves. gratitude to God. not the destination, but is accumulated in each step of the journey.

...often reveals itself in the form of chocolate. rooted in action, not stagnancy.

...can only be seen with open eyes,
can only be heard with open ears,
can only be felt with an open heart. the genius of little children.

(my nieces on a ride at Lagoon on Monday)

Are you happy?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

There's Just Something About Balloons

Remember how I like doing photo shoots with balloons?

I did one again yesterday!

It was fabulously you can see.

Ah, the beauty of having friends with mutual affinities for taking pictures :)
Don't you fret, there are plenty more to come!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fish Are Friends

I mean, who doesn't love Dory?

It's impossible not to.

I've decided that, at least today, if not for the entire Summer,
I'm going to adopt this motto for my life:

What a profound fish she is.

How are you, my dear friends!?

My goodness, I've been totally slacking on the blog lately. Life happens, yes it's true. Thankfully, it's good and exciting things happening this time around.

Things like a fabulous internship, a cute boy, an adorable kitchenette, a really fun photoshoot, an upcoming marathon and some much needed family vacations!
More details to come, don't you fret.

Can you believe my parents are leaving THIS MONTH!? :(

Oh dear. Neither can I.

"When life gets you down ya know what you gotta do?

...Just keep swimming."

Have a beautiful day, lovely people! :)