Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Growing Up

I've always been the youngest

The ever-pestering tag-along

Wearer of hand-me-downs

Deprived of late curfew.

College changed that.

Like C.S. Lewis's magical wardrobe, college transported me from the doldrums of adolescence to the new and exciting world of adulthood. Here in this new world I set out on adventurous quests far beyond what I ever imagined I could accomplish. I remember my trepidation on the first day of freshman year, worried I would get lost on the large campus. I never did. I was a brave warrior at the helm of a charging chariot blazing courageously onto the battlefront of my future.
It was invigorating!

I've had a lot of dreams throughout my life.

Dreams of attending a culinary school in Italy.
Dreams of becoming a great children's book author and illustrator.
Dreams of being a loving wife and mother.
Dreams of owning a Mini Cooper.
Dreams of being in an Opera.
Dreams of working for Pixar.

Till now, they have only ever been dreams.

College certainly taught me that dreams are attainable, but all I've ever done is stand on my tippy toes and reach helplessly for the high branches of my potential. College is certainly a step in the right direction, but never before did I think to actually climb the tree.

Till now...

The other day I was driving with Madre, talking excitedly about my lifelong "Pixar Dream":

"...and they ride around the studio on segways...

...imagine meeting Edwin Catmull! John Lasseter! Brad Bird!...

...suddenly, I'm animating the world's next 'Sheriff Woody'...

...what if they let me be the voice of a character...

...my great-great-grandchildren will see my name in the credits..."

Dreaming never gets old for me, you see.

Madre then said something that, for some strange reason, caught me off guard,
"Why don't you go work for them then?"

She must've heard the ache of longing in my voice as I sculpted my dream lovingly into words,
"You're right," I said, "Why...don't I?"

And so, friends, next Summer I'm moving to Emeryville, California for the Summer and interning at Pixar Animation Studios...ideally. I haven't applied yet, but I'm a step in the right direction and I am beside myself with excitement! Beside Myself I Tell You!

Dreams don't just happen. They don't just POOF and appear out of thin air.

Yes, dreams are REAL, but you have to reach...in fact, you have to do much more than just reach, you have to chase them, tackle them to the ground and pin them down till you can get a license around their neck that tells the world that that dream has an owner (weird analogy, sorry) and that owner is YOU!

Good luck to all you cute people in all of your dreams!


And run a little faster, they're closer than you think!

Wish me luck,

P.S. If any of you Californians know of a Studio Apartment in the Bay Area (around Oakland) for lease next Summer, let me know! :)


Kim said...

You Go Get 'em, Lou!

Steve and Audrey said...

AWESOME. you can totally do it, lindsay! that would seriously be the coolest internship ever and you'd be perfect for it!!!

kristin said...

OOOH cool! if anybody can do that, it is you lindsay! good luck!

hey and if we end up living in california too, want to hang out with me at disneyland??

Haley said...

Linds that's awesome!!! Good Luck!

ChloƩ said...

wow...seriously that is sooo awesome! i am so jealous! and you are so right..i love that you were just like "you are right! why don't i do it?" and then you just decided to. that is awesome. you are awesome. and you are going to have a blast!!

Dave and Lindsey said...

wow!!! that is amazing!! you def. have the talent for pixar! good luck :)

Whitney said...

Yay! That sounds so fun! I want to live in California SO bad!

Ashley said...

Hi cuz!!! I think it's awesome that you're pursuing your dream and I wish you lots of luck and success!! I know exactly where Emeryville is, we were stationed in Alameda, CA and it's a 20 min. drive to Emeryville. :)

tscotriverside said...

i'm a huge believer in dreams. i don't think there is a good excuse not to chase them (within reason). i'm excited for you...sadly, you'll have to have that feeling of anticipation for another year and you've made it clear how you feel about 'anticipation'. you'll be great, i can't wait to see your name in the credits of some upcoming Pixar hit.

TheCoys said...

I thought I had commented on this before, but now realized I'm sorry that I didn't. I love you Lindsay! Your view of life is perfect and exhilarating. If you want to live life, do it. If you want to be, be. If you want to be become, take the first step today. You have a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart and I love you for it.