Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Train of Thought Leaving the Station

Lifelong to-do list constantly looming overhead.

The infamous Summer Wave of Laziness strikes like lightning

Though much more predictable and dangerous.

Frantically opening the cupboards of my soul

Searching for even a small crust of motivation.

Nothing but emptiness and a heaping portion of self pity...

In a smelly casserole dish, no less.

Writing out a grocery list that stretches to heaven

And holding my end impatiently

Like a child holding mommy's hand in a crowd.

Taunting shoulder devil inquires, "Want to break free?"

"No," I reply firmly,

"This is freedom to me."

First item: Become the Best Version of Yourself.

My insides sink, as if to hide from such a task.

Ah, but a note written neatly below - Line Upon Line.

A tune begins to play like a familiar lullaby through my memory

Accompanied by the tender plink, plink of my heart strings

And a longing... no... an ache for direction.

I close my eyes and hum along to the song,

The tune that smells like spring blossoms

Feels like sunshine with a light mountain breeze

And looks like smile wrinkles and brightness.

Suddenly I'm looking into the mirror of my forgotten past,

Forgotten, yet as close as the next room.

I see me - she is happiness in its highest form,

Her smile tells of hard work and endurance that has paid off.

Hard work. Endurance.

I repeat the words in my head as if engraving them into my brain.

Her happiness is encouraging.

I drink in one deep breath after another

And open my eyes slowly,

Like preparing to depart after a yoga session.

I'm stronger. Inside.

And I continue grocery shopping,

With a new kind of smile on my face

And eyes to the skies.

"Line Upon Line."


Mrs. Blimes said...

This is so beautiful! Inspired writing, thank you for sharing and uplifting me today!

Jordan said...

I don't know how you do these? Your hard work, determination, and focus on your goals is inspiring. I am confident you will achieve everything you are meant to do!

tscotriverside said...

the best part about this post is the vulnerability of it...maybe that's not the right word. it's just nice to know that behind all of the optimism and positivity there's the temptation to allow yourself to get discouraged like the rest of us. I also like that 'line upon line' progression of the post. well-written...as always.