Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 2: Twitterpated

We have birds.

They're kind of like our pets...but they take care of themselves.

They're cute little chubby house sparrows that have been building nests in our back patio awning for the past 5 or so years and they're absolutely fascinating and adorable.

This year another sparrow couple moved in on the other side of the awning and Madre put out some bird feeders. Let me tell you, it's like having Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel playing 24/7 right outside our kitchen window. We've seen several batches of chicks born and learn to fly, sometimes the males fight over food and yes, we've even seen mating the above picture (I know, isn't that terrible that I got a picture? How embarrassing). Nature at its best!

Pinky Promise Project starts up again on Monday!

GET PUMPED (literally)!


Leon said...

That girl and her third eye they thought. Can't a couple get a little privacy?

What would Mr. Darcy think? Wink.

tscotriverside said...

we used to have a couple of birds that would come every spring and pass the long summer days perched on the archway above the entrance to my house...they were little lovebirds, I miss them.