Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 7: My Temple

I had another successful day of photographing many different things...
However, nothing compares to the beauty found here at The Bountiful Temple.

Perhaps it isn't fair to call it "my temple," because a lot of people feel the same way,
But it's the one that I've been attending my whole life and the one I will get married in one day. that way, it is "my temple."

And I love it!


tscotriverside said...

in my mind it's your temple too...when i see it, for some reason i think of you. not in a red iron sort of way, it a way that one day your dreams will come true there. that'll be one lucky guy.

that comment actually reminds me of one that i promised to post on your facebook not too long ago...i should get on that.

lovinlife said...

WOW, that picture is amazing!!!