Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Marathon

Do you remember what last Saturday was?

Park City Marathon day!!!

You may recall I registered for said marathon a while back.

So, the Thursday before the marathon was packet pick-up day, right? So, I drive to Murray, or wherever, after work and pick up my packet - complete with awesome T-shirt, etc.

It was a thrilling and humbling experience to see all of the fabulously fit people walking around with their own purple bags. We're talkin' soldiers in Army uniforms, gals in sweaty workout attire, tall and skinny men in suits. You get the idea. These people are legit.

So, I walk back to my car, drive to the gas station across the street, fill up and...

...hand over my Park City marathon packet to my new friend Shaelynn, who ended up running the marathon...instead of me.

I know.

I KNOW!!!!

How. Pathetic. Am. I?

I started training in January. Remember how addicted to running I was? How addicted I AM? Yeah, so hopefully you can imagine even a sliver of the sadness I felt when I realized that my busy life, post-graduation, would no longer accommodate my marathon training schedule. Sad day indeed.

Don't you fret. I WILL run a MARATHON! A.S.A.P. I've already started running more and I'm feeling great. I have no regrets, really, cause my life currently is treating me better than I deserve, quite truly.

The important thing is to not ever give up on your dreams, right?
I haven't, and I don't plan to, so I won't.