Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Is Happiness?

The definition can be one thing to me and something different to you

And then, a completely different thing to each of us on another occasion.

Happiness is successes built upon successive failures.

Happiness is not found in dreaming of life, but in living dreams.

Happiness is looking back only to see how far you've come.

Happiness is profound blessings finally realized.

Happiness is when life just makes sense.

Happiness is when things to fall into place at last.

Happiness requires a personal invitation.

Happiness is big steps and deep breaths.

Happiness is Love's inseparable best friend.

Happiness is an open heart and a welcome mat.

Happiness is nonjudgmental and forgiving.

Happiness is built from the outside in.

Happiness is naive to selfishness and pride.

Happiness is not purchased, it is free and priceless.

Happiness always involves more than one person.

Happiness is God's plan for us.

And yet, happiness is a choice.

I guarantee that no other feeling you choose will be more sustaining.

Don't wait for happiness to choose you.

It won't.

You've got to pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
And make the choice for yourself.

I choose happiness. Today and forever.

Because I can.
And I deserve it.

And so do you.
photo via PaperTissue


Chess said...

Wonderful thoughts. Still, my favorite is the Happiness song from Charlie Brown. :-)

Kim said...

It's like Dad always taught us- you have a choice, to be happy or not, no other person can make you unhappy but you.