Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dislike & Love - Part VI

Today I Dislike:


skinny-dipping hobos

(yes, you read that right),


my unsatisfied apple craving,

going home,

having one more photo shoot to edit,

the thought of unpacking.

. . .

Today I Love:

squir-rels (say with British accent),

teaching Madre what the phrase, "I'm down with that" means,

talking to cute boys on the phone,

my trusty Nikon,

dogs the size of horses,

outdoor malls,

being the youngest (aka getting "spoiled"),

panini deliciosity,

orange toenails that match the hotel furniture and carpet,

exploring new and exciting places,

distinguished business men reading "Fable Haven,"

FINALLY being healthy after 4 weeks of sore throat obnoxiousness,


SUV's and GPS's (and acronyms),

getting weird looks for taking pictures of...well...basically everything,

walking around outside lots and lots.

. . .

YAY for the Loves and Dislikes of Boulder, Colorado!


SpaceCow4 said...

"People watching" or "people-watching?"

Kim said...

You deserve to be spoiled, after all the teasing you've endured :P!