Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mrs. Taylor

Jalene has been one of my best friends since our junior year of high school, almost 7 years.
We've had a lot of ups in our fabulous friendship and some inconsequential downs
And through it all I have grown to love her more and more.

Jalene's getting married tomorrow
...well, if you want to get technical it's actually today 10 hours to be exact.

She's getting married to the best man heaven could imagine for her.
And starting tomorrow they will begin one very exciting journey through eternity together.

This is from Kristin's wedding almost exactly a year ago, Jalene-left, Kristin-right.
How quickly the role's flip! Who's next? Dayna? Haley? Nicole? Me?

Aw, I love weddings and people falling in love and committing their hearts to one another.

The joy of it all just makes me want to burst into this very song:

The world could always use a little more everlasting love!
(Right Jalene? "What the world needs now is love, sweet love...")


Chess said...

I love friends. That's all I can think of! What would we do without them? :-)

Kim said...

This song makes me think of the movie- While You Were Sleeping.

Jalene said...

cute! i just barely saw this. thanks for this. and yes... the world needs love, sweet love. ;) love you, linds.