Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 33: Rise & Shine

"Alright, Self," Lindsay said to her Self (herself) in her most commanding tone, "Time to snap out of your lazy summer ways and accomplish your many ambitions, one by one!"

"You are so right!" Self responded, "I will. Starting tomorrow morning."

"Now, where have I heard that before?" Lindsay teased.

"I'm SERIOUS this time," Self insisted, "I'm writing my Summer List of Ambitions and checking them off, one by one! You'll see! I can be astonishing if I want to be..."

{the sunrise this morning as we drove to the Denver airport}


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Kim said...

My high school english teacher Mrs. Bean, would have us write 50 goals out on paper every semester. They could be as outrageous or as sensible as we wanted. Her only catch was to include how we would accomplish those goals on the paper as well. It was a very eye opening assignment, I loved it.
Anyway, just a thought.