Monday, June 21, 2010


It was not the first time a quote has hit me like a glass of ice water, slowly trickling from my face down to my feet,

But I asked Dad to read it again. And again.

"Faith is the art of holding onto things your reason has once accepted,

in spite of your changing moods."

That C.S. Lewis was a very intelligent and inspired man. Tonight, for Family Home Evening, Dad read excerpts from "Mere Christianity" by Mr. Lewis - not the kind of book you can absorb without being seriously present-minded and attentive, but one I will strongly recommend to anyone.

Heaven knows that the "changing moods" Mr. Lewis is referring to are, in fact, the reoccurring downfall of my day-to-day faith.

In my inadequacy I am often reminded of another quote,

"Whatever was good enough to get you to where you are today,

will not be good enough to keep you there tomorrow."

Oh great! So, what gets me from where I am now to where I’d like to be tomorrow?


A deeper knowledge that everything will be ok despite Life’s often-unbearable and unavoidable circumstances.

Everything will be ok, despite the fact that all of my siblings are now married and my "changing moods" tell me to feel abandoned and forlorn about it, rather than happy and hopeful.

Yeah, yeah. Woe is me. Boohoo.

Fear is not faith.

I know that. I knew that yesterday. I'll know it tomorrow.

But just knowing it doesn't make it any easier, does it?

Faith is a verb, just as Love is a verb.

Love & Faith - two of the greatest rewards in life and they don't come by merely thinking about them, learning about them or even simply believing that you have attained them. You have to work for them and therein lies that unexplainable sweetness in finally attaining them.

I have faith that I can be more tomorrow than I am today.

I have faith that the final destination we individually seek is significantly sweeter when we enjoy the journey despite the steep slopes, winding roads and "changing moods" along the way.

I have faith that, "That which we persist in doing becomes easier," as my wise bishop constantly reminds my ward.

Faith and Forward, friends.

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tscotriverside said...

i really do like it when you share such simply profound thoughts...

i love C.S. Lewis and his wonderful thoughts...that was a truly inspired man. i'm actually reading Mere Christianity again right now. it's one of those books that you can read time and time again and still learn something new.

here's to faith and love, and the unseen blessings to come.