Sunday, June 13, 2010

Higher Ground

It's a bad habit, but it seems to happen at the about the same time toward the end of every week. My life collects a lot of clutter throughout the week, which eventually distorts my perception of what it is I'm actually supposed to be living for each day. That happens to you too though, right? I think that's why Heavenly Father invented Sundays. Church is such a willing "tidier" (pardon my made-up word) of our respective perspectives (say that 10 times fast).

However, I've found that my mind is the most clear and in-tune to the grand scheme of Heavenly Father's picture perfect plan when I take the time to remove myself from the cluttery surroundings of my clouded valley and seek higher ground.

It's no coincidence that on that higher ground sits my very favorite place in the world: The Bountiful Temple. There, I not only see the valley laid out like a toy car mat before me, but my spiritual perspective is restored as well.

I remember that I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father and that He has a perfect plan prepared especially for me. I think of all those times throughout the week that life, like a bully, tied my spiritual shoelaces together and watched me fall time flat on my face. You know, the kind of falls that hurt more than just your pride. But here on my higher ground I realize that the most important part is not how many times I fell down, but how many times I got back up and kept going. As Winston Churchill said, "Never never never never give up."

And I don't plan to.

My latest goal: spend more time up here. It certainly is a beautiful view!

Happy New Week, friends!

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tscotriverside said...

Beautiful pictures and an even better message...the view really is spectacular from up there especially when your backdrop is one of those beautiful Utah sunsets. 'Reignas'...sounds like a good term for being on 'higher ground'.