Friday, October 16, 2009


There is something that gives me the heeby-jeebies more than even spiders. That is saying something because I am pretty sure that, aside from my friend Sarah, I'm the world's biggest arachnophobe! But no, there is an insect worse (heaven forbid) than spiders...or at least spiders native to Utah!

It's massive,
it has super long and wiggly antennae,
freakishly disgusting and obscurely-jointed limbs,
a pair of big googly eyes with black, pupil-like specks that follow you when you move,
it flies!
(that is what tips the scale for me!)

Do you see what I see?

How 'bout now!

BAAAHHH! Oh the horror!

See what I mean about the pupil-things?

Ew! *shudder*
Luckily, these guys are less likely than spiders to be found in your house. Can you imagine?

Ok, so now you're probably thinking,
"Hey Loony! Why did you take so many close-ups if you despise it so much?"

A great question!

I have this weird fetish of taking pictures of creatures (creepy or cuddly) as close as I possibly can. Hence my many squirrel photos. I've always had this random dream to be discovered by National Geographic for my brave and daring 'Steve Irwin'esque skills.

For now, I will attempt to contain my ambitions to the vast unknown of
...the backyard (dun dun dun)!

Speaking of "wild things"
I can't wait to see this tonight!

Have a lovely day everyone
and your step!


lovinlife said...

Are you going on a date to see Where the Wild Things Are?

Watch the moobie... hee hee

Dave and Lindsey said...

haha! how funny:)

i hate spiders too, but i actually like praying mantises...

and cool pics!

Audrie said...

Yeah, those are SO gross. EW!!! I thought it was so funny. I just got back from that movie!!! JUST BARELY!!! Hahahaha!

tscotriverside said...

my dad used to call the basketball player manute bol the 'praying mantis'

his outfit actually is perfect in that picture.

i always thought it was more appropriate to refer to Shawn Bradley as the 'praying' mantis.

i'm totally with you though, praying mant(i) are creepy. i also understand about wanting to get close to creatures to take pictures of them. sometimes i do it with grasshoppers, and i hate grasshoppers too.

sweet pics they totally depict the creepiness.