Friday, October 2, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom!

Yes, that was the theme of this season's Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
It was catchy...for the first minute or so, then I was about ready for them to stop singing,


over and over again! *shudder*
Other than the music however, the circus was spectabulous!
In fact, one might even say it's "The Greatest Show On Earth"!
They had the animals out beforehand so the kiddles could seem them up close.
Magnificently Fierce Tigers,
We saw two of them jumping at each other in their cages and growling ferociously through the bars! Those things got some serious teeth...eeesh!
Enormously Awesome Elephants,
and adorable Sadster

Elegant Zebras,
(What? I think they're pretty!)
Witto Mini Ponies,
Brilliant Show Horses
(not dumb ol' donkeys, Brian Regan anyone? Forward to 2:35/7:57)
Talented Dogs,
and other such animals.

But that was not the best part of the circus!
No, I dare say that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey could never conjure up anything comparable to what I loved most about the circus...

Can you guess what it is?

It's all of these adorable and hilarious children that make my world go 'round.
I affectionately refer to them as
my n&ns
because they melt my heart, not in my hand...something like that :)

Yes, I'm sure this was "not allowed" but we boosted them up so they could climb on the statues of John Stockton and Karl Malone in front of the Energy Solutions Arena.

I love this picture of Whittles holding John's hand
And Jaker hugging Karl's calf!

Love the shoes. The 80's are coming back!
Speaking of shoes :)

Then, it was time for the circus to begin. We collected our tickets from Dad and proceeded into the ESA. The guys at the door saw my massive camera and stopped me (oh no!),

Mr. Ticket-Taking, Dream-Breaking Man: "I'm sorry ma'am, the zoom of your camera is larger than 55mm, we're going to have to ask you to check it in."

Me: (forlorn) "What if I just don't zoom? I won't even take pictures of the circus, I just want to take pictures of my nieces and nephews."

Mr. TTDB Man: "I wish there was some handshake that we could do to guarentee that, but we just can't, I'm sorry."

Me: (in my head, mumbling as I walked to the check-in desk) "Stupid...rules...zoom too big...Mr...check it in...stupid..."

So, reluctantly, I proceeded to check in my camera.
They gave me a little ticket and taped the other half to my camera...
nay, to my child,
and placed it in a cabinet which they locked "safe and sound"...

[ and scene ]

That was super obnoxious!
But I determined to take lots of mental pictures of the kidlets:

"ooo-ing" wide-eyed at the tight rope walkers
and the mind-boggling, disappearing elephant,
"aaah-ing" at the two ladies they shot from canons across the arena
or the courageous "tiger-tamer" with a phony accent,
and laughing adoringly at the hurdle-jumping poodles
or the slipping, tripping, and flipping clowns!

The circus was absolutely magical and brilliantly entertaining,
but as Dad and I discussed in the car on the way there,

"The best part is being together as a family."

I love my n&ns! I love my whole wonderful family with my whole heart!
(Kim & Rogan's clan, Pete & Emily's clan and Heather & Joseph left before this picture was taken sadly.)
(The Paul & Jill clan were at Disneyland...lucky!)

Thank you Dad & Mom,
not only for taking us to the circus, which was amazing,
but also for having us, raising us, giving us opportunities to get together more often
and for the greatest opportunity of all

to be together forever!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I got my camera back free of any scratches or nicks. Phew!


tscotriverside said...

first of all, let me start off by sharing a story with you...

i went to a jazz game last year with my camera and the usher at the front door stopped me and asked me to show him my camera. i hesitatingly pulled it out and showed it to him...he said, 'i can't allow you to take that in there since it has a detachable lens.' I looked back at him and politely said, 'oh, shoot...i'm sorry, can i run it back out to my car'. He winked at me and let me take it in. i thought it might make you feel better that even though you couldn't get a camera in, someone you knew did.

i don't really recall whether or not I have EVER been to the circus. i have a vague memory (definitely not that of an elephant) of being somewhere that resembled a circus. My only modern experience with them is in literature. it sounds like a lot of fun though...the written portrayals or your mental snapshots were helpful...if only you had been allowed to take your camera in.

either you have a really great lens or you were really close to those animals. i have a soft spot for you know where the phrase 'an elephant's memory comes from'? i think it means they can smell you and 15 years later if they smell you again they can recall whether their initial reaction with you was a pleasant experience or not.

after reading the "Life of Pi" i also want to see a tiger and a zebra up close...but no desire to come close to a hyena...poor zebra.

I love the picture of the kid with his face blurred out. with his face blurry like that he reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character. those are definitely some fun pictures of your nieces and always. who needs to volunteer as a 'big sister' when you can spend such quality time being a 'big sister' to all of your n&n's? they're lucky to have you and even luckier for the sincere interest that you take in their lives.

looks like you had a lot of fun and got to spend some quality time with the're right...nothing better than that.

Leon said...

I've been looking to get a cool pair of shoes kind of like those. Now that mine are caked in mud, I think it's about time. Any you would recommend?

lovinlife said...

Cute pictures! I didn't know that they had you check in our camera! Crazy! Also, I had no clue we were going to have a family picture or else we would have waited. :s

p.s. Amen on the music... I don't think the theme "zing, zang, zoom" will ever NOT be cheesy. :)

David said...

Well, it's a good thing that your focal length is over 55mm and not your zoom, that silly man :)

Seriously though, these pictures are incredible.