Thursday, October 1, 2009

How To Milk A Grasshopper

As my first post of the month of October
aka the official beginning of Autumn
aka nippier weather,
I deem it appropriate to post this rare and delightful bit of information to all of you!
I hope you enjoy it!

. . .

"How To Milk A Grasshopper"
My sister Heather shared this with me, thanks Feathy Lou!

I know what you're thinking...
"Milk a what now?!"
But I'm not talking about this kind of grasshopper...
Gross guys!

I'm talking about this kind of grasshopper...

Trust me guys, this post is about to change your life.
You'll thank me later (you're welcome)!

You will need:
a mug of your favorite hot cocoa,
and a soup spoon.

Begin by biting a morsel off the edge of a grasshopper.

Turn it and bite the opposite edge so it looks like this.

This creates your "straw". Submerge one bitten edge beneath the surface of your hot cocoa...

...and your mouth on the other end. Slurp for as long as you like, but be warned, once the cookie begins to melt in your fingers it will fall apart.
Simply pop it in your mouth and let it melt into a
luscious chocolaty puddle

Tip: Once the level of your hot chocolate starts to go down, scoop some up in your spoon and sip from there.

Died and gone to mint chocolate heaven

Your turn!
Go ahead, milk a grasshopper!
You won't regret it!


tscotriverside said...

i'm not gonna lie, i had no idea what i was in for when i clicked on the title 'how to milk a grasshopper'. it didn't help that the first of the series of pictures was of a grasshopper...they're creepy.

upon completion of the story i was reminded of two things: 1) sucking sprite out of a red vine licorice straw and, 2) making s'mores out of EL Fudge Strip Cookies. As you can see, i have a bit of a sweet tooth but, i've never heard of sipping hot cocoa through a cookie. it sounds amazing but i don't think i could do it without a large glass of milk standing by to combat the overly sweet taste of a 'luscious chocolaty puddle'.

i love the pictures that go along with the post. the question is, did you only eat four of them...or is that all that was left when you finished?

i think that maybe you should have a tea party ( with hot cocoa and grasshopper upon completion of a set of tea cups like the one in the picture.

i'm glad that you gave not only the step-by-step instructions but images to go along with it...

the first picture of the three series i seriously thought was a picture of your niece. to my credit, the first time i read it was on my phone.

anyway, i'm going to try that someday...a day when i have milk,...and grasshopper cookies. i'm not sure when that will be but if/when it ever happens, you'll be the first to know.

whatyoutakemefor said...

yes!! this is called a "Tim Tam Slam" and it is a New Zealand/Australia phenomenon. it is basically the most delicious treat known to man.
my favoritest companion from New Zealand introduced me.. because there they have these delicious treats called Tim Tams that are a bit longer than the grasshopper American version. her family sent her some and she very rudely addicted me to something I don't have access to. luckily there are still chocolate cookies around.
both = an explosion of happiness on my tastebuds.