Saturday, October 3, 2009

What I'm Made Of


the unconditional love of our Father in Heaven . . . the knowledge of His perfect plan . . . the infinite sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ . . . the knowledge that He lives . . . the comfort and companionship of The Holy Ghost . . . the inspired journals of ancient prophets . . . the abiding faith of ancestors . . . the eternal covenants of the holy temple . . . the loving guidance of my parents . . . the enduring examples of my family members . . . the tight hugs of my n&ns . . . the kind corrections of my friends . . . the perception of gracious strangers . . . the observation of "secret" acts of service . . . the peace of being understood . . . the closeness of personal prayer . . . the humility of listening . . . the loving patience of faith . . . the excitement of understanding . . . the childlike submission of obedience . . . the joyous sound of laughter . . . the tranquil stillness of nature . . . the growth of trying my hardest . . . the humility of completely failing . . . the resolved courage of trying again . . . the times I've cried in sorrow and been forgiven . . . the moments I catch a glimpse of the bigger picture . . . the fresh beginning and productive end of a good day . . . the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for life . . . and the opportunity twice a year to watch and listen to this

I am full of gratitude for the abundant blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to learn what He desires me to know through His living Prophet and Apostles.

This is my sure foundation, my heart and soul,
It is all of who I am and will ever be.

And I love it with every ounce of my heart!


Dave and Lindsey said...

i love this post-it's beautiful. you are a gifted writer!

lovinlife said...

Amen, Linds! I love you testimony, and conference was amazing!

Thanks for being such a great example to me. :)

tscotriverside said...

i have it on good authority that you may be bored this afternoon as you pass the time until your evening class. as such, i thought i would help pass a few moments by adding a little commentation to your blog...

there isn't much to be said about this one except the time that i've known you, I've been able to see some/a lot of 'what you're made of' and i can say that those are the things that make you so unique. that's not to say that other people don't share a lot of those same qualities it's just to say that no one has them quite like you do. thanks for your example!

'you're not so bad'...