Saturday, October 24, 2009


This weekend isn't over and I have already done some fabulously fun things!

Yesterday Travis and I went to Memory Grove and shot pictures for a couple hours. Lots of fun! I've been wanting to capture this beautiful season for a while, so I'm glad we got to do it.
Thanks Trav!

And of course we did some portraits. More photos of Travis here
Travis is pro, you should check out his photography blog here
Then, Nicole and I got all dressed up for a "pre-ween" party!
Doesn't get much better than Cruella and a peacock!

Happy Harvest, cute people!


Jalene said...

i love that picture of you that Travis took. beautiful!

Megan said...

First of all, awesome costume!
Second- what great pictures of Memory Grove! Dan and I were debating between there and Temple Square for bridals. We went with Temple Square but the weather wasn't cooperating... you've inspired me to take round 2 to Memory Grove.

Leon said...

Linz, I'm stunned, as usual, by your photos. The contrasting colors, depth of field, wavy lines and reflections to boot! Beautiful.

tscotriverside said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't want to post any of my pictures...yours put mine to shame.

it's hard to pick just one favorite. Maybe I'll just go in order.

The first picture is just about as good of picture as you'll ever find of memory grove.

I love number 2 with the leaf laying on the ground. The contrast is amazing.

I remember being a little kid and throwing those seed up in the air and watching them spin like propellers on the way down. i really like how it's the ones further up the branch that are in focus while everything else is slightly blurred, it adds some nice depth to the picture.

The picture of the yellow flower is awesome because of the, yellow, and green...and how blue and yellow make green.

i love peach colored leaves...for obvious reasons.

i have no idea what to call the next picture except to say that a renowned photographer once told me that pictures of 3 are aesthetically pleasing...that picture proves it.

You were right, that tree is pretty amazing and to have two of them in the same picture (real tree and reflection) makes it twice as good.

that's so weird how that multi-colored leaf fell off the tree and landed suspiciously on that were lucky to get such a cool 'unstaged' shot of it.

For some reason the red one reminds me of poinsettias and christmas. i'll bet if you boiled those red things it would smell just like Christmas.

I really like the cropping of the yellow flower, just left of center and the way that it shows the progression of the looks like it's got it in all of it's phases...from bud, to bloom, to death.

the leaf is awesome, there's so much character to it...and it's a leaf. did i tell you that ella is obsessed with leaves? she loves fact she collects them.


That picture of you is super-cute and it reminds me of an American Tale...

Ah, yes...of course, the amazing Halloween Costume(s)...loved them both.