Monday, October 5, 2009

Dislike & Love - Part II

Today, I Dislike...

the "joys" of being a girl,

my MIA tennis instructor

making people unhappy,

being the only one on the desk at work.

. . .

Today, I Love...

Minute Maid Grapefruit Juice,

the cold weather that allows me to wear
my new coat and knit beret,

The young man that typed
on the two-way screen,

reading through my notes from conference,

the Harvesty excitement of going to a
non-haunted corn maze for the first time,

the guy on campus who looked like Nick Arrojo,

the thought of getting off in 20 minutes.

. . .

Mama said there'll be days like this (love that song, add that to the list), it's just part of life.
Just remember to make sure your "Love List" is always longer than your "Dislike List"

...and everything will be hunky-dory!


Leon said...

Did you make that word up? (feeling Harvesty?) :)

Lindsay Kay said...

Yes, I'm currently writing a dictionary of the many words I've made up.

Brandon said...

Hunky-dory? I'm guessing that some sort of suggestive variation of honky-dory?
Your list is cheesy, but I like it. Thanks for sharing the "joys" of being a girl. I'll try not to think too long about what that means.

tscotriverside said...

so, the fact that you qualify the loves/dislikes with the word today...does that mean that those things are subject to change?

i think the dislikes should always be temporary and the loves should always be permanent...or you could have temporary likes and permanent hates...

i'm not telling you how to write your blog but i think it should either be likes/dislikes or hates/loves depending on the time frame that each will apply.

hate is a strong word...then again, so is love. i'm not saying that some things you hate you will ALWAYS hate or the things that you love you will ALWAYS love but as a general rule it seems like that would be the case.

i'm only joking of course. you can do and write whatever and however you like. i was just trying to be as long winded as possible and since it does raise a semi-philosophical question that should occupy you for at least a couple more minutes.

i guess the most important thing is that the good list is always longer than the bad's another question, is it the size of the list that really matters or the quality of it? maybe you should change your blog to say,

make sure your "Love List/Like" is always BETTER than your "Hate/Dislike List"

okay, i'm done. i was just trying to see how annoying i could be and it looks like i've more than exceeded that goal.

PS the armakillo thing was awesome (notice the lack of quotation marks). you make me laugh.

have a good one...i apologize that this was the best i could do to cure your boredom.