Thursday, October 15, 2009

Healing Light

I woke up this morning in the familiar fog of stuffy-headed cold symptoms and reluctantly got out of my blanket-strewn bed. The sun peeked pompously through each nook and cranny of the blinds as if taunting me with the brilliance of another beautiful day. Another day spent inside.

Determinedly, I gulped down a dose of DayQuil and began my daily tasks of laundering, vacuuming, emailing, creating invitations for an upcoming family party (more to come) and cleaning my bedroom; taking breaks every now and then to replenish the supply of tissues in my pocket. "Goodbye," I'd say to my cold as the vacuum sucked up a particularly large amount of dirt,
"Time's up. Off you go."

When everything was clean, folded and in its place, I opened my bedroom blinds. The glorious afternoon sunlight poured generously through each slat like a cleansing rush of cool ocean waves.

I took in a deep breath of fresh Autumn air as it wafted through the open window and lovingly savored it's crisp aroma, "aaaaaaaaaaahhh..."

I'm feeling better already.

Please enjoy a favorite talk of mine from conference.

Thank you everyone for your sweet well-wishes! You're awesome. x0xo


cambriaann said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that first shot!

Actually, they are all amazing.

tscotriverside said...

i just want to know how you take something like cleaning your room and take awesome pictures of it...they make your room look peaceful and cozy.

i like that the series of pictures began with your blinds closed and ended up with them open. it's almost like they are kept shut so the world can't see how dirty your room is. but, everyone is welcome to see it when it's clean.

kristin said...

beautiful photos! the light is so obvious even in colorless pictures... so pretty.