Friday, August 28, 2009

Words of Wisdom

*the following scenarios may or may not have happened to me personally.

Never allow a young man to blindfold you on a first date
even if he seems to be a safe and trustworthy individual.

Never follow a strange woman through a secret door,
up a staircase, into a strange room just to get a $18 Prada bag,
Especially if she intends to lock the door behind her.

Never model for an "up-and-coming photographer"
whose business card information is scribbled on the back of someone else's business card.

Never follow a librarian into their office to answer a "question"
when they have a knife sitting precariously on their desk.

Consider yourself warned,
And just to be safe, you may want to invest in some brass knuckles and/or pepper spray.


Jalene said...

Haha oh geez! The first one made me laugh. ;)

Leon said...

How about a Walther ppk .380?

Brandon said...

I'm pretty sure the Prada thing happened to my neighbors. And I think you just got the other things from articles I wrote-- except for the blind fold thing. Sorry about that.

Heather Lynn Hess Hulse said...

Amen! I'm just grateful for blessings during those times.

I've been blind folded for a date, too.

Not to mention #4 AND experiences working for a shady Chinese food place:

-Serving food, but not having a food handlers permit.

-Going to Albertsons with a Chinese Cook to get ketchup in his beat-up car.

-Training a girl on my 2nd day of work.

-Trying to go to work, but they're closed that day, and the day after, and the day after... to discover they've closed without telling their employees.

-Having to call them multiple times to get my paycheck.

I was 15 and very naive about jobs.

tscotriverside said...

'it takes a wise man to learn from the mistakes of other and an even wiser man to laugh at that man.' - Jack Handy

consider me laughing.