Monday, August 17, 2009

Belts, Bands, Bugs & Because

I am wearing two belts today...
Really, I am. They're both black.

Is it possible to wear a headband and glasses...
without getting a headache?

Why is the word "subtle" pronounced "suddle"?
Is there a "d" in that word that I'm not aware of?
All I can say is, I am grateful that English is my first language.

FYI: Skinny jeans are not called by that name because they make you look skinny...
A common misconception!
They are, in fact, called Skinny Jeans because they are intended for skinny-legged people
Nevertheless, I still wear them

I do not know why God created mosquitos, do you?
That is my personal equivalent to the cliche question,
"Why is the sky blue?"
I figure someone (besides The Creator) knows the answer
Or at least assumes they know the answer.

The verb "twiddle" can only logically be used in one phrase, "Twiddle your thumbs"
Seems like a waste of an awesome word to me!

...this is the conclusion of my random ramblings
(my "randlings" if you will)

good day!


tscotriverside said...

Two thoughts: Jurassic Park and Dragonflies!

Leon said...

I've been twiddling with this post a bit. It seems that I twiddle more than just thumbs. When writing HTML, as you know, you need to twiddle with the code a little (twiddle a little) to make it work. Skinny jeans are great. And seemingly random questions/posts are the best!

Megan said...

Curse skinny jeans!