Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today is my favorite day of the week...Sunday.

Sunday is a welcome opportunity to reflect on the week and the blessings I have witnessed by the hand of my loving Heavenly Father.

I am so richly blessed for the friends and family who individually have shaped me into who I am today and I who I will be tomorrow.

There are many times in life when I find myself riding the surface of the water and forgetting about the abundant depth of life beneath me.

That is why I love Sundays, they give me the opportunity to dive down into the wonderful depths of life and rediscover God's wonderful and perfect plan for His children.

With that depth of perspective, nothing in life is too difficult to overcome.

Today I am grateful for two things specifically that have allowed me to plunge below the surface of superficial importance and immerse myself in the depths of things of eternal value.

First, today I spent an hour or so reading the blog of Stephanie Nielson (aka Nie Nie Dialogues). A year ago she and her husband Christian were in a plane crash and suffered severe burns. I am constantly astonished by her faith to move forward and her gratitude for her blessings, her family, and her personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Her story is truly inspiring. Each time I read a new post on her blog I am filled with a love for my knowledge of my loving Heavenly Father and His perfect plan. Thank you Nie Nie for the brightness of your abundant faith!

Secondly, a few days ago I received a beautiful letter from my good friend Jordan. He is currently serving the final stretch of his LDS mission in England. On June 13th, Jordan's older brother Jaman passed away unexpectedly from illness. Despite the considerable pain felt at this tragic loss, my dear friend's faith continues steadfast and unshaken that he will see his brother again through God's beautiful plan. That is beautiful and absolutely true. Thank you Jordan for your optimism in life and in the promise of sunshine after the waging of life's dark storms!

I'm grateful for these examples, along with countless others, who constantly help me realign my life each and everyday and remember God's beautiful tender mercies which manifest His individual and unconditional love for His children,

you and me

"Your future is as bright as your faith"
~President Thomas S. Monson~


LoriT said...

Thank you for the beautiful reminder of this special day.

I love the quote from President Monson--it was new to me.

Jalene said...

I too got a letter from Jordan. I love that kid. Such an amazing guy.