Monday, August 24, 2009

One Year

a t-ribute
to a year of:

soul searching
spiritual growth
dreams come true
strengthened ambition
finding the meaning of life
side-splitting laughter
learning selflessness
abundant culture
wishes granted
ropes broken
good eatin'
love +

To the best year of my life so far...
and countless more on the horizon.

(clinking goblets)

Thanks for the memories


marianne said...

cute, as usual. how do you get your picture on here so clear? whenvever i put them onto my blog the quality just goes to pot! they are great in my pictures, but then when i load them to my blog through either picassa or blogger they go

tscotriverside said...

A picture is worth a thousand words and it is safe to say that any attempt to match such a tribute would be vain. but, that is not to say that one has not or will not be attempted. your tribute is beautiful and meaningful...and has the brand of a red hot iron...or many of them.

It's been said that, 'there's nothing more sublime than tears, and I wouldn't want a single one of them to become an object of ridicule because of me.'

there may just be a small puddle at my feet as I think about your tribute to all that can happen in a single year. i clink my 'goblet of fire' along with you, to the year gone by and to the ones to come, CHEERS!

thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute...

Heather Lynn Hess Hulse said...

WAY COOL AND ARTSY, LINDS!!! Teach me how!

p.s. I caught that "Dog House" reference... "Thanks for the memories".

p.s.s. I just set-up the laptop for a guy that should ask you out. He was really nice. :)

Jalene said...