Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Utah, Uncomfortable, Umbrella, & "Ugh!"

Is lime jello and cottage cheese salad a Utah thing?

What's worse?
Being uncomfortable and looking good
Being comfortable and looking unkempt

Is it just me or is there something strangely addicting about writing on a whiteboard?

Today, I took a nap in my car with an open umbrella over my head
to hide my paranoid, sleeping-self from potential weirdos walking by
I can't sleep in public.

Pretty sure that after the age of 10 they are just gross

Have you ever caught someone thinking about something funny or happy, and smiling to themselves? I love those people. They make life more enjoyable!

A noun that should never be used as a verb:
n. goo = v. gooing
Gross! Leave it to brothers to make you realize these things

In a world of growing technology (and movies about robots taking over the world)
I have a growing fear that my future children will never know the joy of:
receiving a handwritten letter from a friend in the mail,
flipping through the pages of a gripping novel,
or even
regular face-to-face interaction with friends.
A computer screen is not a worthy substitute for the tangible benefit of human interaction and the beauty of forming emotional attachments.

Have you ever rolled down your car windows and blasted opera while driving?
You should!

Today a random young man said a friendly "hello" to me as we passed on the crosswalk,
It made my day! Thank you nice young man.


Heather Lynn Hess Hulse said...


In fact, to add to your "randomosity"...

As I was reading this very post a young man came up to the counter and asked where he could put money on his uCard.

However, I paused for a few seconds, unable to answer, due to a staple that was hanging from his nose like a dainty little nose ring.

I love it when people smile to themselves and say hi to me on campus, too.

It reminds me (in a good way) of that scene on Spiderman 3 where "What a Wonder World" is playing and Peter Parker is skipping along happily... I think I have that right... it's been a while since I've seen it.

Heather Lynn Hess Hulse said...

p.s. In what context did John use the word "gooing"? :)

p.s.s. And finally, I'm determined to raise my kids with some of the "old fashioned" values of the past/present.

Jalene said...

Hahaha I love that you fell asleep with an umbrella covering your face. That makes me laugh so hard.

Lindsay Kay said...

Haha, you know me Jalene! :)

Heather, to answer your questions:
a) The song is "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" when Peter Parker is walking along

b) I don't think John'd want me to share this in public, but he was talking about the toe he just had surgery on. Ew huh?

c) This is from your comment on my other post, did you get that kid's number or give him mine? What made you think he should date me? Was it institute kid?

tscotriverside said...

i can't think of anyone in his/her right mind that would use the computer as a substitute for actual human interaction...i mean, i've seen you at least 10 times but no more than 20 in real life, maybe human interaction is over-rated.

where did you find that picture of feet? i hope they don't belong to you or anyone that you're related to. if so, my apologies.

i think that sleeping with an umbrella on your face goes back to being comfortable and looking unkempt...who cares what you look like when you sleep as long as no one takes your picture.

hand-written letters are good...most of the time :)