Friday, October 1, 2010

Muscles, Murder Mysteries, Marine Biology, & Massages

We had a substitute in my spinning class.
She was...well, how do I put this?
...ripped? ...chiseled?

...Mrs. Hercules!

I decided I never (ever!) want to be a body builder.
Someone explain this phenomenon to me. I think it's gross. Sorry.

- - - 

So, not only is it FRIDAY, which is reason enough to rejoice in your very existence, but it's also OCTOBER, which month I love. Am I the only one that believes "the holiday season" starts in October or is this a well-known fact?

Halloween through New Years, right? Whoop whoop!

- - - 

This week I pre-ordered...
(drum roll, please)

Disneynature's Oceans!

Can I just tell you how excited I am to watch this?


On Bluray, mind.

Time to overcome my fear of underwater footage.
(yes, let's keep the mocking to a minimum, please)

- - -

I still don’t know what to be for Halloween. I thought being a vampire would be fun until the wave of Twilight hit, now I’m thinking, no thank you.

I want to do something that involves crazy hair and makeup. Any ideas?

- - -

I have a new favorite color: Orange.
Nothing replaces my love for Baby Blue,
But Orange is a close third
...after Gold.
Separately, of course.

- - -

Hair Extensions:
Subtle way to get body
Obviously-fake way to get length

However, sometimes I wish I was brave enough to get extensions,
Cause my hair growth rate is something like 2 centimeters per month!

So, tie-dye seems to have come back in style?
When this happened (or why), I don’t know, but it did!

Either that or there is just a slew of not-so-stylish people walking around campus these days. Did I miss a memo here?

- - -

I love you all and truly value your kind commentations on my behalf,
Let's just put that out there as a disclaimer real quick.

Ok, now that I've said that, I want you to know that my weight loss goal is nothing obsessive or unhealthy and has nothing to do with self esteem issues.

I'd simply like to wear a smaller pants size AND that goal is nothing outlandish or disorderly. In fact, I love myself and have, therefore, done my fair share of "healthy weight" research and am aware of my own physical well-being ...perhaps even more so than you. I know, the thought seems uncanny.

But really, thank you for your sweet concern.

- - -

That said, I've moved my goal completion date to Christmas! A friend of mine made this weight loss goal for himself in what he's calling "Fat Rudolph" and I invited myself to join him for motivation's sake.

The goal was Graduation (May) before, but I found myself being fairly slackadaisical in the "Avoid eating lots-o-junk" category ...So, we'll see how this goes.
Join us if you'd like!

- - -

I decided that I’m ok with that fact that it’s been 90 degrees all week. I wasn’t ready for Summer’s luxurious shift to end, but now that it’s October I’m really praying that the snow will stay far far away until December 23-ish. I love Fall!

- - - 

I just need to put in another plug for
I’ve got my t-shirt all ready to paint,
I’m just waiting for inspiration to set in.

- - -

I've been planning my family's upcoming Murder Mystery Date Night and it's mucho tricky. In fact, I've discovered that I'm not great at writing murder mysteries, which I suppose I should be happy about.

I mean, I love the genius Agatha Christie novels and all, but I think if I ever met her in person I'd be secretly terrified. Any mind that can think of those kinds of in-depth strategies and conniving plots is admittedly brilliant, but also a fair heap-o-creepy. Just sayin'

- - -

I’ve never had a massage in my life and my reasoning is this:

Ignorance is bliss. Massages are expensive and if I don’t know what I’m missing then I’m less tempted to spend money on it right?

I wish someone had clued me into this theory before giving me chocolate...
Ok, let's be honest, I never would've been able to avoid that!

In my world, chocolate will be healthy...

P.S. Look who got the normal font to work! YAY! The spacing is kinda funky, but I'll deal with that later. At least it's readable, right? :)


audrey said...

yeah, i guess tie dye is back--it was huge in high school last year. so maybe it's all the freshmen wearing it around campus?? i think it's cool...weird, but cool... :)

lovinlife said...

1. Just so you forgot Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fools, etc. AND let's not forget My Birthday... hee hee

2. Did you get a bunch of flack for trying to lose weight? Well here's mine (hahaha): don't think about it so much, eat reasonable meals, and exercise... and you'll be fine. Well technically you're freakin' cute right now, so why you worrying?. You're probably one of the healthiest people I know. Sheesh. ;)

3. I like reading your random posts. :) Love you, thanks for coming over last night & feel free to come by anytime... even if it's just for 5 minutes. :)

4. Josh just said, "grunt." Which we all know means, "I love Aunt Lindsay."

Kim said...

I happy about the tie-dye coming back as long as it's done tastfully