Sunday, October 10, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day(s) Who Knows What!

My 3rd Eye was originally a summer-only project for me, but I've accumulated some awesome photos over the past little while and couldn't resist sharing them with you:

^ I don't know who came up with the name for "Black-Eyed Susans"
...but I think we'd be good friends.

^ The littlest angel - my nickname for my newest nephew, for good reason.

^ My neighborhood is home to some awesome treasures
...and I don't mean just me ;)

^ This is my cousin who just left to serve an LDS mission. Isn't she gorgeous?

^ Nothing makes me feel quite so insignificant and quite so loved as the stars.

^ Heaven, thy name is Chocolate!

^ YUM! My favorite fruit in all it's artsy, shadowy glory!

^ V for Victory!

^ Did I mention I love sunsets? ;) Of COURSE I did. I do.

^ This one made me smile, I had to take it. What a hardworking father!

^ This happened today at my nephew's soccer game, and again, I couldn't resist snapping a shot. He was rescued shortly after, don't worry.

^ This shot nearly made me cry. Little boys are just about the cutest kinds of people on the whole planet! I'm quite certain.

Let this be a lesson to us all:
Carrying a camera around 24/7 TOTALLY pays off :)

Happy Day to you.


audrey said...

okay linds, i know it totally goes against PPP, but would you mind posting (or at least emailing me) that chocolate trifle recipe? that looks like it's to die for and would be a great party dessert! (not to mention a great way to satisfy prego cravings)

Amberly said...

I LOVE your pic of the stars and your 'V for victory' caption made me happy!

Brenda said...

Hey Linds, Is the star picture from the lake? I think I recognize that powerline as the one between us and Jones'? Great picture!

Kim said...

Beautiful pictures, Cute little nephew yawn, beautiful flowers, poor little guy caught in the goal net.