Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Because You Can When You're Single

I've been sending out mass texts to my whole ward the past few days... Therefore I've been looking at a lot of rare and fascinating surnames. It's got me thinking, what would be THE cutest combo with my first name?

Here's what I've come up with:

Lindsay Lee.

Doesn't that sound like a clothing designer or something?
How bout a world famous graphic designer? Eh? Eh?
Hey, I can dream!

Then again, it reminds me of Kathy Lee Gifford. Meh.

Lindsay Bloom.

I'm just sayin'.
Orlando may come to his senses one day.

Lindsay Vanderbilt

Let's be honest,
Anyone sounds good with that surname.

Ok, last one:
Lindsay McFusten

I might've just made that up,
But you have to admit, that's a fun combo.

So, if you know any upstanding gentlemen with these last names, send 'em my way ;)

But really, Can I just say I think if there were a prize for dating guys with unusual names (first & last) it would be on my trophy shelf (not that I have one of those)! Check out this list of names I've been on dates with:

(last name) Freckleton
(first name) Bleu
(first name) Creighton
(first name) Cree
(last name) Pitt
(last name) Kawabata
(last name) Twitchell
(last name) Sengthavechith

The funny thing is, the top three were set-up by the same cousins... Hmm...

Now, I hope you don't think I'm making fun of these names (or the great men behind them) in any way. I'm not. People with unusual names are awesome!

I now deem it fitting to quote "Romeo & Juliet":

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."

Then again, my sister once dated someone whose mom's name was, ah-hem, Patricia Burger... They called her Patty for short. Now THAT is cruel. Luckily, it was her maiden name.

Ah! Now that's a good lookin' name! ;)


Kim said...

When I read this I could picture your facial expressions and the exact way you say this. It's so funny!

Allie Hymas said...

oh i love patty! she was in my home ward all growing up and she did the flowers for our wedding. good thing she's such a darling lady to balance out a kind of funny name! :)

Brenda said...

You have some amazing cousins!!!! They are great to set you up with such stellar young men with fun names :)

ames4eva said...

awww, what a cute post! I clicked here from Chess's blog and I think I might be following here on in :).

yay for enjoing singlehood!

lovinlife said...

Oh, the things I could write in response to this like,

"Lindsay you forgot to add Lindsay ______ to your list."

And then insert some guy's (that is probably reading this blog right now) last name... oh the "embarrassment"... but I won't.

In other news, "Vanderbilt" isn't considered a very great last name to have according to Woods, Elle. :)

bama said...

Mathews....Mathews? Yeah, Mathews would be nice. Which you also left off your date list. Pah. Snooty of you I do say. Zah.