Monday, October 25, 2010

Potter, Pickup Lines, Paste & Purple People-Eaters

As far as I'm concerned the WORST place to get a mosquito bite
is the arch of your foot!! GAAAHHH! Will the madness never end?

- - -

I'm thinking of writing a song called,
"I Left My Heart in Hogwarts"
I think it'd really catch on, don't you?

- - -

Speaking of Mr. Potter,
We broke out the Bertie Botts beans last night with my n&ns.
I decided to be brave and eat:
Dirt, Soap, Grass, Vomit, Bogey, and Black Pepper,
All of which were spot on, I might add.

THEN, I thought I was eating a Sherbet Lemon and got...

Let me just say, that Bertie Bott has got those flavors down pat!
I spit it out and rinsed my mouth to no avail. *gag n' shudder*
Consider yourself warned. Stick with grass.

Dad just called me a "pink purple-eater"...
I think he meant purple people-eater.

- - -

So, I just realized something that actually made me EXCITED about the cold,
I get to bring out the Fall/Winter clothes that have been stowed away
(mostly cause I ran out of closet space).
It's like a whole new wardrobe from under my bed
...AND, my big, lovely, pink, fuzzy robe is back in action!

Now, if I could just avoid commuting in the elements, I'd be fine.

- - -

I donated blood this evening
And as my blood-sucker guy was tipping my chair back he said,
"This is the only way I know how to sweep the ladies off their feet."


- - -

Madre, Dad and I have started the Master Your Metabolism "diet" again.
Let's just say our inability to avoid the decadent theme park food in Florida has brought on a guilt trip in the form of LIBS (lbs.)

And yet, I prefer not to call it a diet so much as a lifestyle change.
The 4th Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich is never as good as the first.

- - -

On a more serious note, I've learned, time and again,
That knowing that I'm a child of God has the power to instantly change any crummy circumstance into a mere paper-cut in vast eternal scheme of things.

Sure, it still hurts...but I think I'll be ok :)

- - -

I forgot how much fun it is to brush with sparkly blue toothpaste!
Kinda gritty...

You know what's tricky?
Taking a whole week off your second to last semester of college,
playing in the Florida sunshine with Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse...
THEN coming back.

DUN Dun dun...
This week is gonna be..."fun"

- - -

I learned the Thriller dance today.
Bucket List item #...uh...47? CHECK!

- - -

My niece told me this joke a while back and it's become a favorite:
How do ducks learn to fly?

They just WING it!

Happy Tuesday, cute peoples!

Look at the bright side...
You're one day closer to Halloween!!


Whitney said...

Wait, I'm confused!!! It's only Monday!!! How can it be "happy Tuesday" if it's Monday?!? :) hah i know in an hour it'll be Tuesday, but still!! ;) save me some of those jelly beans! :)

Kim said...

Thanks, and a happy Wednesday to you too! I'm surprised that you weren't more grossed out by the vomit jelly bean, yuck! I'll stick to pear jelly bellys, kanshashimasu very much!
Have a wonderful day!

lovinlife said...

"A pink purple eater" HAHAHAHA

Oh Dad.

I miss hearing his sayings.



"Reservoir Sipper"

"Who did you take out this weekend?"

"Lonny Mitchell"

"Lemar Gumbutt"... etc. etc.