Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everything Else is Fine

Warning: Completely girly, like "AH! I broke a nail!" type ventilation session underway. Proceed with caution and such...

Who invented makeup anyway?!

If you really sit and think about it
We'd all be fine if "natural beauty" was a natural part of society,

But noooOOOoooo,

Someone had to go and decide that painting your face with colorful junk was a fun way of "enhancing" your natural beauty and giving the illusion that you're someone completely different than you are when you wake up in the morning.

. . .

Ok, sorry.

Makeup is all fine and dandy.

In fact, I am very much grateful for its existence.

I'm just a little peeved by the fact that my eyelids, which I supposed were allergically reacting to my hair conditioner (which they were) would stop allergically reacting when I stopped using said hair condition (which they haven't).

So here's what I'm thinking right about now:

"This is dumb."

(in so many words)

Anyway, consider me peeved
And unfortunately defeated

I'm going to the doctor so they can supposedly tell me what is making my eyelid allergies go berserk to the point where I want to scratch off my very flesh for the itchiness of it! I don't understand how this is going to work, but I'm oh-so praying that it does. Honestly, who has time to worry about the thinnest layer of skin on their whole body? I'd really rather not.

I predict that I have a strange case of eyelid Eczema, as diagnosed by Google.

But I'm no doctor ...nor is Google
(contrary to popular belief)
So I guess we'll see.

On a happier note, I can be grateful that at least I...still...have eyelids...?

. . .

Ok, I am officially done with this random and awkward ventilation session.

Oh boy, are you still reading this?
Sorry bout that.

Welp, good night.


Jalene said...

that's really strange,

i'm sorry about the allergies... :(

Chess said...

What a yucky eyelid situation! That's totally lame, and hopefully you find a solution really soon.

(I'm grateful for makeup, because lately my skin has decided that I'm back in junior high. It's horrible!!)

Kim said...

Let me know what you find out, it will save me a trip to the doctor, I have a similar thing on my left eyelid.

Catherine Anne said...

I'm so sorry about the weird allergies! That is the worst and I hope you can get some solutions! Also, sorry I've been so "comment-happy" lately! I'll tone that down a bit, but just know that I love your blog. :)

Jessica said...

I have eye lid eczema. They have a cream for that. And it actually works! Good luck!