Monday, October 4, 2010

Really Really A Lot!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?


Here's the bad news:

The best weekend of my entire life has ended thanks to the arrival of Monday.

- - -

The good news is:

I really did have the best weekend of my entire life!

My family is amazing. I was able to spend large amounts of quality time with all of them and I just really love them a lot, a lot, a lot. AND, General Conference proved once again to be exactly the spiritual rejuvenation I need to keep moving ahead in it always does. Renewed eternal perspective. Let me say that again:

Eternal Perspective.
A reminder that I need more than almost anything else.

"Whoa, Lindsay. Chill. This thing you're mucho stressing about is NOT what it's all about. Remember? You are a daughter of God and He loves you. In fact, He's there to help you every step of the way. Have you asked for His help yet? Well, why don't you start there and see what happens?"

This talk helped a lot.

I learned a lot of things this weekend:

Things I need to do better,
Things I need to do much much better,
Things I need to let go,
Things I’m doing really well (let's not push it),
Things that I already know, that I needed to be reminded of,
The way to accomplish all of these things (yes, it's true!), and,
Most of all, I learned that I am loved,
Really really a lot!

Love is at the center of everything that I learned.
I think, sometimes you just need to be reminded of this:

You are loved.
Really really a lot!


Catherine Anne said...

Conference was so amazing! I was so sad when it ended this morning. Loved it so much and don't you just love President Uchtdorf?! He is probably my favorite. Have a great week, Lindsay!

Kim said...

I love conference too!