Friday, January 1, 2010

That New Year Smell

Today was a good day:

I met HER!

At Anthropology (go figure!)

Yes I did and she gave me a hug!

She is just as sweet as she seems on her blog.

Oh, I love Stephanie!

Keep her in your prayers.

Then I went to the movies with the fam:

Mom, Heather & I saw Blind Side
(oh, so good!)

Dad, Mike & Bro. McConkie saw Avatar

Kara & Kylee saw The Princess and the Frog
(also a keeper!)

Then, we went to Burger King:

Everyone got Whoppers,

Except Mom and I,

We got salads
(they are bueno!)

Then I read this for hours

Had a little nap

And read some more!

Then we went to the annual New Years Eve party at McConkie's:

We played games:

Catch Phrase,

Four on a Couch,

and laughed

a lot!

Best quote of the evening:
"Man, we're just getting older every year aren't we?!"

2009 bid us farewell,

And 2010 arrived

With banging pots and pans,



and "Happy New Year"s!

I can't wait to see what's in store this year.
For now, it's more Percy Jackson!
(Watch out Harry Potter, you have a competitor)

Wishing you a very abundant New Year!
Happy 2010!


Leon said...

As in Bruce R.??? And your dashboard is WAY too organized.

Happy new year, the Hess.

Jessica Leigh said...

Oh my gosh! I totally just read all of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books! They were way fun...though not quite up to par with Harry ;). Have fun with them. They made me remember how much I loved all the mythology stuff in AP now I'm rereading my old mythology book :)

Lindsay Kay said...

As in Bruce R's nephew. I am OCD about organization...what can I say?