Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today, I feel like this

I have all the symptoms:

the head-bobbing,

the deep breathing,

the glazed-over staring,

the heavy eyelids,

the droopy posture,

the uncontrollable yawn-o-thons...

It's what doctors are calling:

school-induced narcolepsy!!

And let me tell you,
having a 3 hour night class
2 hours from now doesn't help my situa...



Jalene said...

i think i have that too!!!!

yes, yes i do!

Leon said...

I was fortunate not to have a night....wait. I had one. Japanese calligraphy. And yes, I, too, have most of those symptoms - but mine comes from playing pokemon long into the night...maybe I shouldn't admit to that...

Brandon said...

And the worst part is people coming up to you and saying, "You look really tired, you should sleep more." Why thank you. Does that help?

Sarah Hatch said...

LOL! sorry to laugh, but that picture of that little girl asleep on the shelf is hilarious!