Friday, January 22, 2010

Out Like a Light

Sleepy. Unfocused. Dizzy. Loopy.

I was guided into a plain room with white walls, ceiling and floor,

But it didn't look like heaven,

More like a dull and cold prison or a torture chamber.

The lady in aqua scrubs asked me to lay down on the table.

"Deep breaths" I told myself.

They strapped down my arms and feet,

Stuck heart-moniters to my chest,

And an IV in my arm
(not a needle fan),

"Good veins" they commented.

"I get that a lot," I thought, blushing.

Then the surgeon entered with a syringe

And pumped his magic sleeping potion through my system.


It went dark.

I heard beeping and distant voices.

I opened my eyes and looked up at an unfamiliar ceiling,

Which puzzled me, but I was too tired to react.

The lady in aqua scrubs helped me sit up

And I sat, quiet, like a stargazer contemplating the universe

But not fully understanding.

Moments passed.

The girl in the bed next to me was not herself.

I don't know her personally,

But I could tell that she was not "like that" on a regular basis.

Then, I was guided to the car.

Madre was in the driver's seat waiting for me.

She covered me with my coat and turned up the heater.

My legs shook uncontrollably.

Was I cold? Was I in shock?

What was going on?

The heat sunk in and slowly calmed me.

My wisdom teeth are gone forever.

I have a feeling I won't miss those teeth,

But I sure hope the wisdom grows back soon,

And brings with it the normal size of my face.

The End.

Enjoy some of Brian Regan's wisdom tooth humor...

And have an enjoyable weekend, cute people!
x o x o

P.S. Thank you for the well-wishes and the pureéd non-dairy products.


Jalene said...

my legs shook uncontrollably too!!! i was so freaked out. and i was bawling my eyes out for some reason. i hope you get feeling better soon! i didn't even know you were getting them out.

Brandon said...

Why did you get your wisdom teeth out? Are you going on a mission?

kristin said...

hmmm sounds so familiar!

when i woke up after having my wisdom teeth out, i started bawling and couldn't stop. quite embarrassing for a 21 year old....

i hope you feel better soon!

Leon said...

Poor The Hess!! I had a lot of tapioca pudding and MD when I lost my wisdom... Just sayin'.

Get well soon!!! And you should probably be working on your poetry...

Amberly said...

Oh, I'm getting mine out next week!!!! This made me happy, and slightly not excited :P

Naters said...

I must admit that I had to close my eyes while reading (is that possible?) the part about "the needles" and "the IV." They also tell me I have good veins, but when they say that I know what's coming next and I become comatose before they can actually inject anything. I hate needles!

Naters said...

Hope ya feel better soon!!