Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PDA, Pizzazz, Patronage & Pins

You know what I noticed today?
(warning: I'm about to be profound)
The more options you are blessed with
The more difficult it is to make a decision.

That may not be news to you,
But it just hit me like a bolt of lightning today.

My latest favorite word:

I wear my coat from 6:45am to 9pm nearly everyday.
I'm always cold.

I learned what the word "patronage" means today,
By using it in a sentence and not realizing that I used it correctly.


[pey-truh-nij] -noun
backing; funding; financing; promotion; assistance; support.

Is it just me or do Tuna Fish Sandwiches get a bad wrap?
So they're not the most elegant fish in the sea...
Neither are snails and people pay big bucks for those suckers (no pun intended).

You know the girls with hair that looks perfect no matter what they do to it (Haley)?
I can't even pull my hair into a ponytail without:
bobby pins,
The mess on my head today is proof of such. Meh.

I have a hole in my sock.
I may need to take up darning.
But honestly, isn't that the best word for sewing up holes in socks?
Darn socks!

People Watching
(today was a good day for it):

Two janitors and a librarian were talking loudly in the lobby,
(sounds like a beginning of a joke)
One of them dramatically stated,
"I'm not dead yet... BANG"
And hit herself in the head with her fist.
Then they all burst into fits of laughter like children on a sugar high.

Normally, I would've thought they were all crazy,
But having seen that scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
I just laughed silently as I walked by.

I am not a fan of PDA.
Let me clarify:
Hugging is perfectly fine, a peck is permissible,
Talking to each other like witto baby wabies is pushing it.
Furthermore, seeing two people with their faces plastered together
For longer than either one of their lung capacities should logically allow makes me nauseous. Please, just keep it to yourself.

I was walking along campus
When this lady come careening down the sidewalk
On a skateboard
On her behind
With her son in her lap.
They laughed the whole way down,
And it made me happy!

In my opinion, everyone should either be acquainted with

You pick.
*Note: If you're me, you get both.

I know that the phrase
"Golly Gee Willikers!"
Is the old school way of sounding like a complete nerd,
But I'm convinced it's the new school way of sounding totally cool.
Ok, I'm not really, but I've been saying it a lot lately
And I'm trying to make myself feel better about it.

May all the random occurrences in your lives be as entertaining as mine ;)
x o x o

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Leon said...

Catharsis [ca-THAW-sis (if you're Kiwi)] - noun 1) Directing your browser to The Hess's blog and discovering a new post. 2) Directing your browser to The Hess's blog and discovering not one, but TWO new posts.

Seriously, what a great day this has just become.