Friday, January 29, 2010

Hairy Opinion

So, basically I'm sick of my current hairstyle
(medium length w/fullish bangs)
And I would like your opinion on a new hairstyle.

I think I'm either going short or long,
Because medium isn't cutting it for me lately
(pun intended)

Hair is fun to do experimentations with, cause it grows back.

The only thing about my hair is that it grows really r e a l l y...s l o w l y . . .
And when it gets to a certain length, it just stops growing all together.

*Any tips on speedy hair growth are welcome.

So, here are our options:


If we figure this mathematically, we have 9 options all together:
What should Lindsay's next hairstyle be?
Long w/full bangs
Long w/side-sweep bangs
Long w/no bangs
Medium w/full bangs
Medium w/side-sweep bangs
Medium w/no bangs
Short w/full bangs
Short w/side-sweep bangs
Short w/no bangs
Please Specify:
emu boots

Vote Now!
(please & thank you)

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Sarah Hatch said...

I have heard that taking prenatal vitamins can help your hair grow faster.

Jalene said...

haha you're cute. I love all those pictures of you.

I actually think you're rocking the medium length. I think you look gorgeous!! But you always do. :)

But I voted for long w/ full bangs... even though it takes a while to grow out. :)

Leon said...

This was a very hard poll to take. But I definitely appreciated the mathematics behind it. I'm a survey statistician for Pete's sake. :)