Monday, January 4, 2010

Memo To Me

Dear Future Me,

I dream of you most every day

And wonder who you are

Sometimes you are an opera diva

Touring near and far

Or animating characters

for Disney and Pixar

Sometimes you're writing children's books

Complete with illustrations

Or painting art for galleries

Crowds awed by your creations

Or a world-traveling photographer

Capturing exotic destinations

But mostly, when I dream of you

The you I see the most

Is no world-renown culinary chef

With restaurants on the coast

Or celebrity signing photographs

Or accepting another toast

You're singing to a crying child,

No crowd of gallant fans,

And your most beloved masterpiece

Was drawn with broken crayons.

Do not be dashed by "lack of fame",

The world is in your hands.

copyright - jan. 2010 - lindsay kay

Left photo credit: Nicole Gerulat Photography -- Right photo credit: Rebekah Westover Photography


Leon said...

Thanks for the link you shared on my blog, the Hess. Is that blog always that cool? PS, I liked the card about telling friends they are amazing the best.

And yes, I am very obsessed with Pokémon (so much that I even use the proper spelling...) right now. And no, you can't set me up with anyone. :)

Siggy said...

I love you...I too dream of the future me. Thank you for being such a good inspiration!

Brenda said...

Love it!

Kim said...

That's so beautifuly written. What a sweet a wonderful person you are!