Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Things Get Worse

...Before They Get Better,

For instance:

growing out a short haircut,

starting a new week,

cleaning toilets,

getting back into the dating scene after ending a relationship,

recovering from wisdom tooth surgery . . .

What are some others?

(photo by me, from Europe in May 2007)


Give Monday a chance
And enjoy the day!

x o x o


Shelby Lou said...

I cut my hair very short. I cried for days and felt like Peter Pan, but not in a magical way. Then, after a while it started to grow out... then I realized I needed to boost my self confidence, and become me without my hair as a security blanket. So I chopped it all off again.

Things to get worse before they get better.

I love your blog. LOVE IT. I wish you could take pictures of me... you are fantastic at it.

All my love,
Shelby Lou

Leon said...

Love the photo and Europe. Painful, inevitable root canals, learning another language, living in Missouri. Wait, that last one doesn't get better, as it were (IS).

Steve and Audrey said...

...killing spiders... (ew!)