Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sisterly Bonding

This past weekend was a blast. I went to visit my sister Kimmy and her cute family for a whole weekend of much-needed bonding time.

Madre, Dad & I went to Binny's 6th birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's

Bry and Binny with The Big Cheese himself
(is that where that phrase came from? jk)

My brother in law, Rog, and his brothers-in-law, figured out how to get the high score on the pinball machine every time. Look how excited he was to show Kim. Haha!
Apparently, Chuck-E-Cheese's slogan, "Where a Kid Can Be a Kid," is not limited to just kids ;)

And the tickets come spilling out!

It was fun running around with all the kidlets and watching them play the games and ride the rides. They loved it and redeemed some sweet prizes with their tickets.

I love this picture of Lyni. Look at her hair!
She was fascinated with going up the stairs and down the slide over and over and over again.
She'd point and say, "Chock-a-cheese!"

On Saturday, I went shopping with Kim, just her and me (she and I? me and she?) and we had a lot of good laughs telling each other stories and participating in some funny stories of our own.

Brief pause for some reminiscing,
when I was little I wanted to do everything Kim did:

We went school shopping once as a family and I deliberately looked for the same shoes that she wanted, but in my size. To my delight (and her dismay) they had some! I still remember what they looked like.

Kim always makes food look really good, aka she's really good at savoring:
  • biting the kernal off of the popcorn and saving the soft part for last,
  • making a bowl of no bake cookie dough and eating it without forming it into cookies,
  • cutting pieces off of an apple rather than just biting into it, etc.
I always craved whatever she was eating. Always.

When we were little Kim, Heather and I used to have slumber parties in Kim's room in the basement. We laughed till we cried...correction, we laughed till we wheezed for lack of air!

We used to watch the old classics like "Saved By The Bell" and "The Chipmunks" as sisters. Kim was always Kelly or Britney: the pretty, popular one. Heather got second choice: Chelsie and Elenor: almost as pretty and popular. I got stuck with what was left: Lisa (girlfriend of Screech) and Bridget (girlfriend of Simon). Do you see the trend? I didn't like it much, but Kim and Heather had me convinced that they were "just as cute".

When Kim was engaged and came home from college, we shared a room together, just like the old days. I didn't get a lot of sleep those days, not because Kim snores, but because she's a light sleeper and insisted that I blow my nose when I was sniffly or get a drink whenever I cleared my throat. I love her, she taught me to love having a room to myself (jk Kim)

Yes, we sisters have had a lot of fun over the years and, let's face it, we're only getting started! We've come up with an evening once a month to get together.
YAY! I'm so excited for this tradition to begin! I love my seesters!

So, back to the weekend:

Kim and Rog went to the Jazz game one night while I watched the kids. It was a blast! We watched "A Goofy Movie" and made french toast for dinner (with orange zest, yum!). After dinner, we made funny videos on Photobooth and laughed the night away. When all the kidlets were tuckered out and tucked in, Bebe and I stayed up and took pictures for a little while.

I love that chunky-cheeked baby!

I am convinced that it's impossible to avoid looking like a doofus when talking to a baby
(at least for me it is). I honestly can't help it.

I love being an aunt
(have I mentioned that?)

Thank you,
Kim, Rog & kidlets for the fabulous weekend!

I love you!

P.S. Stay tuned for a health project I'm starting up soon:


Leon said...

I am superbly jealous that you get to spend so much time with your nieces and nephews. And you're not alone in looking like a doofus talking to a baby. I mean, I don't but....

Brenda said...

My favorite part of this post is thinking that you took the picture of you holding the little one. ;) It makes me laugh really hard. . .cause I'd totally do the same thing. Oh, the memories!

Whitney said...

Oooh. I am intrigued by the health project

Kim said...

These pictures are so cute, you have a great eye! My favorite is the one of Brightlyn in her diaper, I love her baby chub! Thanks you for coming and helping your crazy sister who loves you! I laughed so hard about your reminiscing and shared the part about me being a light sleeper with Rog. He feels your pain! We talked about how he would get woken (sp?) up by me pinching his nose and telling him to breathe through his mouth and stop snoring. I had to stop doing that because the last time I did it he didn't wake up or start breathing through his mouth, it scared me I thought I had suffocated him. So my new way to get a sound sleep is to where earplugs, occasionally.

I love you, thanks again for your sweet words in this post and for the pics!