Monday, December 14, 2009

Happiness for Dummies


That's the name of it, this mood I've been stuck in for the past couple of days. It's my least favorite mood of them all, and it's time to send it packing. So, say "arrivederci" cause it's going on a long vacation.

10 Steps to Finding Happiness (at least for me):
Step 1: Vent frustrations to a willing and loving family member or friend. Avoid name-calling or being overly-irate.

Step 2: Have a good cry into your pillow. Just let it all out (unless you have no real urge to do so).

Step 3: Pray. Explain frustrations, express desires, choose happiness now and humbly ask for help.

Step 4: Breath in deeply. Breath out slowly.

Step 5: Listen to this or this, or something equally calming and beautiful, in solitude.

Step 6: Do something nice for someone else. Anyone. It shouldn't be hard to find someone in need of assistance, love or friendship.

Step 7: Count your blessings*. Name them one by one. Write them down if that helps.

Step 8: Devote some time to playing with children. If you haven't felt an outpouring of happiness yet, this will fix that!

Step 9: Smile. Go forward, not backward*.

Step 10: Celebrate happiness. Dance. Sing. Live.
{Hy Guy at our awesome family Christmas Party on Saturday}

Be happy,
Life is too precious to spend being "blah"!


lovinlife said...

AMEN! I love you, Linds!

Kristi said...

Love it, Linds! Thank you for sharing these helpful thoughts!!

Chymere said...

I love this happiness for dummies post. I found it the day I needed it the most! Love your blog and now I am following you!