Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tonight's The Night!

The Biggest Loser Finale
on NBC

woot woot!

Who's it gonna be?

I hope Danny wins...

Anyone but Rudy. He's Rude.

And I think that Amanda should marry Bob...
...I'm just sayin'

Ok. I'm done.



lovinlife said...

1st off, the Amanda and Bob thing is creepin' me out a bit.

2nd, go brown team, but mainly Danny.


I agree, Rudy is rude-ie. hee hee

Whitney said...

I think that Bob is married. I also think that Amanda is sort of kind of a whiner. I'm tired of hearing about America picking her and her sob story. I want Danny to win!!!

Leon said...

I think Rude Rudy is going to win. It seems to be the only thing that gets people ahead on those shows, being rude. And that is unfortunate. And I know it's regarded as taboo to say what one's Word Verification is, so I won't. But it's curiously humorous.