Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deep Breaths

Today, I was lazy

And, I must say, I feel completely justified in it.

It's a uniquely satisfying way to spend Time,

When Time is feeling charitable and gives of itself freely:

A rare occurrence in the life of this college student.

The Time I know is most often greedy and frugal,

But at this time of year

He, like a Scrooge, is prodded to change

And change he does.

Change is a welcome guest.

Who doesn't like a little spare change?

And thus, Time allows the blessed opportunity to breathe.

It's a wonder that breathing is such a necessity,

You'd think we'd learn to make time for it more often.

I'm not talking about your ordinary "inhale exhale" business,

I'm talking about the deep, cleansing, drink of life

That not only fills your lungs, but fills your soul.

The breath that clears away the daunting, taunting lump

Lodged uncomfortably in your throat

Daring you, like the bully on the playground

To cry. To quit.

But you don't quit.

You breathe,

And for one more day you keep your lunch money:

Your pocketful of precious dignity,

And the bully backs down.

Keep breathing, friends,

I heard somewhere that it's good for you.

P.S. I was featured here a while back. You'll laugh.


Jalene said...

beautifully written, my friend.

Leon said...

Indeed. Too bad Time doesn't free himself more around the 27th of Feb. OK, I'm done! I'll drop it! :)

Megan said...

Oh, boy. I read your awkward date and I was flooded with painful memories of my own dating life. That was a horrible experience! The sad part is that you probably would have really liked something like that had it been a boy that you were actually interested in... and probably not on a first date. ;)